RuleDesigner Aftersales

RuleDesigner is provided with tools aimed at configuring informative panels consultable by different typologies of stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers and sales partners.

As regards after-sales service and spare-parts management, RuleDesigner is able to offer value-added services to customers by giving the possibility to share detailed information about purchased products, commissioned projects, offers and job orders.

Thanks to RuleDesigner, it is even possible to publish CAD projects and PDM data, sharing all information with partnumber providers, tracking every single access to the system and monitoring when files are consulted.
Suppliers and sales partners can have access to pricelists, to documents linked to marketing department, to sales forecasting tools, to assigned leads and to tools for offers management.

RuleDesigner technology is a really advantageous solution both for companies and customers because it helps reducing errors and relational problems within the company by supporting the correct information exchange.