Realize your quality standards in extended PLM processes.


Define and Share quality standards along the corporate management workflow

In today’s business, quality management is an evolving methodology that requires a global approach in order to reduce inefficiencies and optimize processes.

The sphere of the quality management system embraces the whole product life-cycle, spanning from the new product definition, R&D, sales, implementation and after-sales support.

Consequently, many business processes are involved that can have an impact on the organizational and executive aspects throughout the company.

Learn how RuleDesigner can be a strategic partner to support the quality management system.


Which business strategies does RuleDesigner support?



Implementing and maintaining a quality management system (QMS)


Sharing and clear planning of tasks, goals and deadlines


Creating a constructive culture that encourages the sharing of know-how


Reducing quality management costs associated with problems, complaints and non-compliance


RuleDesigner supports the quality system across PLM extended processes.

RuleDesigner is a collaborative platform that supports the quality system thanks to a 360- degree view of PLM and job orders processes. One-single integrated environment where you can define and coordinate structured tasks; store and share quality documentation related to processes and products, in real time; monitor quality performance and adopts strategies for continual improvement.


One single integrated solution adaptable to various application scenarios and providing benefits to multiple business processes.

Advanced quality planning in new product development processes.

By using RuleDesigner, organizations can map the process for advanced product quality planning (APQP), regulated by the AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group). This process presupposes a multi-disciplinary approach to quality planning and it follows up all the industrialization steps of the development of a new product, starting from the initial concept to production.

Management of quality documentation and certifications.

RuleDesigner helps users in managing document processes related to quality handbooks, quality management system procedures, audit reports, improvement plans and actions. Ability to easily handle documents written in different sub-parts by several business functions and carried out in parallel with product development processes. Finally, there is the possibility to coordinate resources involved in multiple processes, contents time and delivery modes.

Non- Compliance management

Managing non-compliance as well as corrective and preventive actions is one of the most critical process in the organization management system. In fact, it represents an opportunity to constantly improve the organizational performance. RuleDesigner allows to support and automate non-compliance management and related resolution processes by providing a perfect integration among all the functions involved.

Encourage strategies for continual improvement

Quality management also involves continual improvement principals and the use of data for making better and more informed decisions. RuleDesigner is enriched with a set of solutions that offers the possibility to map processes and procedures, provide data visibility, influence change management and help the decision-making.

Shared operability with customers and providers

Shared knowledge and co-operability are the key elements to a winning quality management system, since they lead organizations yearning for a long lasting success to a responsible method to manage tasks and processes. Indeed, collaboration with customers and suppliers is one of the new ways to strengthen companys’ competitive position. An approach that expands the business concept by paying attention to shared information and investments within the companys’ business network. The diffusion of a collaborative model aimed at value co-creation is one of the phenomenon which is characterizing most of the relationships customer-provider. RuleDesigner is a platform that allows to develop, keep and strengthen these relationships.

Reporting and Analysis

In RuleDesigner, reporting and analysis tools are available to create charts and reports. These tools give users a global view on the quality management performances facilitating decision making in reaching continual improvement. Key performance indicators analysis catches the attention on results achieved by highlighting those elements that can help boards in making decisions based on tangible data and information.