RuleDesigner PLM Enterprise

Collaborative and structured management of  processes along the product life cycle.


RuleDesigner is an enterprise platform for the management of processes along the product life- cycle.

RuleDesigner allows to manage PLM processes with a PDM solution in a homogenous way. It reaches the maximum efficiency if used with the configurator integrated. Furthermore, thanks to the collaborative portal it can scale at enterprise level.

RuleDesigner has the goal to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of the organization and the activities related to the innovation and the development of the product life- cycle. RuleDesigner activates a close collaboration among global project teams  for the joint development of business projects. It ensures a complete control of the product development process with information that flows seamlessly.


What makes RuleDesigner different

What makes RuleDesigner an unparalled solutions in the PLM market is the possibility to adopt a PDM system perfectly functional on multi-CAD platforms. Therefore it is excellent tool even in multiCAD environment that can be enhenced with the combine use of the product and processes configurator integrated that can be scalable at PLM enterprise level thanks to a collaborative portal.


Management of multiCAD product da

Web- based integrated solution for the management of product data in multiCAD environment.


Automation of digital processes

Tools for the optimization of processes through the introduction of automation processes.


Support to the collaboration enterprise

Sharig of infomation and mapping the social network in the extended company. 

User-centered experience

Technology able to connect the extended company in a strategic way for business porpuses, functional to the change imposed by cloud and with a modern collaboration/ communication model among different functions and company figures using different devices. Semplicity and immediacy even for occasional users.

Integrated informative dashboards

One single dashboard for achiving important information, always accessible from all the stakeholders of the process and for any kind of consultancy needs.


Functional width

Highly functional width that goes from the document management, task management, workflow, report, CRM salesforce automation, ticketing, help- desk, job orders, products, collaboration and communication. RuleDesigner present itself as a collector and as an entry point for all these functionalities.

Collaboration & Smart-working

Thanks to the modern paradigms of  smart-working, collaborative processes are extended to the customer, supply chain and to the company ecosystem. One single virtual environment for the management of processes, team work and communication interconnected to business processes.


Management of PLM processes

Integrated approach to the product life-cycle / service and business processes including value chain, stakeholder, marketing, design, sales, quality, service, customer and partner.


Automation of PLM processes

Automation processes perfectly integrated in workflow and processes linked to the product life cycle.


Map the social network of the company

A tool that allows to classify the stakeholders of the company based on roles, positions, functions and interests. It interconnects them with the business processes that are developed along the product lifecycle.



Collaborative working environment that simplifies the search for information, communication and cooperation among the stakeholders of the company ecosystem, even when geographically dislocated, and the setting-up of high levels of interaction.


Product Lifecycle Management with RuleDesigner

Product Lifecycle Management [PLM] is a business approach that is operative through the use of technical solutions and has the goal to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness in activities concerning the innovation and the development of the product life cycle.

A current approach to the PLM includes the real functionaly of the process, which means the way people interact and collaborate every day to each other. In fact, a process may involve different company stakeholders based on specific parameters and they have to interact to each other and receive information related to processes.

RuleDesigner PLM allows to define and realize an omegenous and coherent data management model. It simplifies the workflows along the product life-cycle, it automates the execution of activities linked to the design and to the operative workflow, it organizes the work, it supports the collaborative activities and it satisfies the needs of the different stakeholders in the extended company.

RuleDesigner has a collaborative portal that promote the opening of the company towards the external world, involving all the stakeholder. It allows to check-in and to check-out the information by supporting the collaborative environment and therefore the knowledge sharing.


Enabling technologies and scalability to Enterprise PLM

The evolution towards a PLM system in the company is a process that RuleDesigner can start gradually. Thanks to a modular structure and high functional witdh is possibile to extend the technical office environment until the extended company, which means involving supply chain stakeholders, collaborators and customers.

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