PLM and support for collaborative processes in the field of vehicle assistance equipment

RuleDesigner project in Corghi - Nexion Group

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In an environment of continuous operational improvement in the management of technical information workflows, Corghi SPA started evaluating different PDM systems in order to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of innovation activities distributed along its product lifecycle.

CAD software in use
• Siemens NX

ERP Solutions in use
• Microsoft Dynamics AX con Engineering Change Management

• 35 units


Challenges dealt with RuleDesigner

  • Bring quickly into effect the new PDM solution integrated with the 3D CAD software (Nx e Solid Edge) in use by the Group
  • Extending the usability of PDM data to other business functions, regardless of their geographical location.
  • Map an integrated and coherent data flow in order to provide customized information embracing the “point of view” that each user has on the product.
  • Meet the needs of efficiency benefiting from automation processes set along the technical data approval workflows.

Some of the reasons why the customer chose RuleDesigner Solution

At the end of the evaluation process that involved different PLM solutions, Corghi SpA chose RuleDesigner for its ability to manage information and provide collaboration at an enterprise-level through a web-based platform which scope is offering an integrated management and automation of corporate processes.

The system’s hyper-parametric structure which enable the company to autonomously configure corporate workflows, with no need to develop product customizations
The possibility to model data and document generation processes even in complex formats such as those of the NX CAD systems.
The possibility to manage document workflows within the domain of PLM processes to produce documents in co-working to replace the former in-house developed solution.
A positive win-to-win relationship with the vendor to ensure the product continuous improvement.


Product structure conceived for management by the user, in total autonomy.

Complete flexibility in the structuring of data classification, extensible at any time.

Configuration of a “self-explanatory” part-numbering, driven by rules.

Solid and comprehensive integration with the CAD design software NX and Solid Edge

RuleDesigner su Smartphone

Automation processes that can be driven using the configurator.

Inter-departmental and inter-organizational collaboration facilitated by the PLM platform.

Integration of data into Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Management of document workflows based on templates and integrated into PLM.

Involved process

The first phase of RuleDesigner project concerned the import of all the product part-numbers present on the ERP – JDEdwards – and the retrieval of part-numbers related information and drawings from any server and local archive.

PDM workflows and interaction with the CAD software NX and Solid Edge

RuleDesigner allows the company to organize and share models, assemblies and technical drawings in both NX and Solid Edge format through:

Homogenous classification and part-numbering plans
Approval workflows configured to meet the customer request
Smart tools for file storage and intelligent search
Functions for properties automatic filling into files and title-block
Management of both assembly relationships and wave-link connections

Corghi Esempio di Prodotto

Configuration of automation processes

Thanks to RuleDesigner, it is possible to model automation processes along the part-numbers approval workflows. Furthermore, several procedures are configured to automatically create and store documents destined to be consulted out of the technical offices: pdf, dxf, jt and step file with different watermarks and, of course, typical Microsoft Office documents.

Sharing PLM data across the extended enterprise

RuleDesigner tool for automatically publish data enables any user pertaining to the Nexion Group to access PDM data and attached file for consultation. Thanks to visibility rules set on the part-numbers status or file extension, users are allowed to see only what has been targeted towards them based on their role or the group they are number of. At present, RuleDesiger permits that technical data are automatically entered into the correct business flows with no interruption and forwarded to ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX, on the basis of rule-based workflows

Collaborative document management

Thanks to RuleDesigner, it is even possible to manage several types of documents creating them using templates. Specifically, each document type configured has been associated to a template created with Microsoft Word using layouts containing references to the file attributes that will customize the documents while filling it. The creation, storage and distribution of such documents is performed automatically, filling in those properties, required on the basis of the document type. Furthermore, for each type was configured the co-working flow aimed at finalizing the document until its approval and storage


Nexion group

Nexion Spa Industrial Group embraces different companies and brands for the supply of vehicle assistance equipment, such as tyre changers, wheel balancers, wheel aligners for controlling the geometry, lifting equipment and test tools.

Corghi spa

CORGHI SPA is a leader in the Italian market with 20% of its turnover. Corghi is also a leader in the international market. 50% of the turnover is generated in Europe, which CORGHI defines as the “home market”. The Far East, Japan and the US are the main overseas markets for CORGHI and represent 40% of its turnover. The quality of its products and services remains constant over time and in different markets. CORGHI partners know they can rely on the company since for many of them collaboration has continued for decades. The company is fully aware that its competitiveness is related to an authoritative and wide ranging presence in the world markets and above all to its ability to offer excellent products, and a package of premium quality services wherever they are required.

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