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Automatic BOM generation of custom products


From the product structure to the final document

The strong trend towards customization and adaptability makes it difficult to manage all product configurations. As the number of configurations can grow significantly, the flexibility of the systems that manage them needs to be enhanced.

In many cases it is necessary to create specific BOMs for each customer order and this makes  PLM processes more complex.

The product configuration processes offer the great advantage of automatically generating all the information spanning from design automation (if applicable) to the part-number components and up to the generation, storage and sharing  of BOMs.

Among these, the bom-base production, which is managed by the Times & Methods or by the engineering process, it maps the hierarchy of processes (cycles / phases) and it indicates the relative uses of material. The bom production indicates which assembly processes or operations are used to realize the product and it allows to develop the final cost.


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