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Support lean principles in the product development


Lean Thinking is a corporate doctrine that focuses on the creation and on the continuous research of value for the customer and it provides the elimination of waste from organizational and production processes.

Although lean thinking has become more widespread in  lean manufacturing, the part of the strategy that produces optimal effects regards the management of the new product development (SNP) and design process.

Developing new products faster than your competitors is crucial for the growth and the achievement of a competitive advantage for each company.

Lean thinking is based on five well-known principles that can be achieved by combining methodologies synergistically, tools and technologies. The realization of these principles is achieved by synergistically combining methodologies and technologies.

From a technological point of view RuleDesigner is the ideal platform because it allows you to apply lean thinking with an overview through:

  • The ability to map workflows, track their execution and reuse them as the best practice template allows to support the identification and maintenance of the workflow.
  • The ability to automate workflows and tasks using process automation tools, it accelerates the workflow reducing lead time.
  • The product configurator allows the customer to design its product and create it at anytime.
  • The workflows execution based on templates allow to standardize processes and mapping the change management processes allows to implement and support strategies for continuous improvement.

RuleDesigner supports the pervasive application of lean thinking along the product lifecycle starting from concept, design, engineering, supply chain coordination, quality, sales and service. 

From an information point of view it is possible to collect correct and complete information thanks to a rule-based logic. The correct information are received to the correct contacts at the right time, eliminating waiting waste and transferring them to the company systems  for alignment with the entire company.

From an organizational point of view it is possible to organize and coordinate inter and intra-departmental activities by delating the redundant production of information and documents. Vendors can be integrated into development and design processes becoming then partner.  

From a collaborative point of view, the partnership agreement between the company and suppliers guarantees an improvement in performance thanks to long-term relationships.      

RuleDesigner allows to build an integrated development process in line with lean concepts.


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