CPQ  Systems (configure price quote)

 for profitable quotations and effective negotiations


Product costs management processes enable companies to design for cost by obtaining visibility from the first design phases on the impact that their decisions have on costs.

Product cost management allows to simulate and evaluate different product scenarios to develop an ideal model based on detailed knowledge of material costs, production processes and supply chain. The benefits are extended far beyond the design, because a correct estimation of the costs allow to realize a better and more transparent quotations and sales negotiations.

The configurator used for calculating customized product costs offers different advantages. RuleDesigner is able to integrate to any business solution to find all the information necessary for computing during the product definition phase. This allows to have configurable cost estimation based on customer requirements and on the business cost analysis, production cycles, hourly costs or material purchase costs.

This ensures uniform and shared calculation among the sales, purchase and engineering teams and efficient profitable sales processes. 



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