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Management of the evaluation process requests of new products


RuleDesigner, with dynamic and rule-based configuration processes, it allows to pilote the customer service to collect all the information to the customer evasion requests.

It is possible to map and automate the workflow requests of a new product starting from the customer service and involving the technical areas ( industrial engineering, technical office, R&D) sales, quality and production.

At the end of the information fulfillment, the system automatically generates tickets, the product specifications document and it involves different departments through the automatic scheduling of the project with already set the correct advanced workflow, completed with phases, activities to be carried out, departments involved, managers and resources assigned.

Along the workflow phases it is possible to interact with the Customer Service by using the integrated chat tools in the ticket having the complete traceability of the communications.

Another main aspect is the automatic execution of queries and synchronizations with the company applications such as ERP, DMS, CRM, PDM…

At the end of the evaluation process, the customer service receives the feasibility and the generated documentation, it completes the propose and awaits the outcome of the customer.



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