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Focus on User Experience: RuleDesigner® revolutionizes PLM with Low-Code

Focus on User Experience: RuleDesigner® revolutionizes PLM with Low-Code

Focus on User Experience: RuleDesigner® revolutionizes PLM with Low-Code

Make your company more agile, competitive and able to provide high quality customer service.

To successfully meet the competitive challenges in the manufacturing sector, it is essential to adopt an innovation-focused approach, modernize outdated systems, optimize operational efficiency and improve the digital experience for employees, customers and suppliers.

A personalized user experience in PLM helps drive innovation faster by improving productivity and collaboration across the value chain. To achieve extraordinary results, you can leverage low-code tools to support product development, engineering, and other critical functions across the entire manufacturing process.

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RuleDesigner® Pillars

RuleDesigner is a collaborative platform that allows you to create an end-to-end digital thread thanks to integrated modules that cover the typical application areas of PLM, Product Configuration, Supply Chain, Project Management, Aftersales, Digital Twin, CRM and Collaborative Portals for Partners and Customers.

RuleDesigner has evolved and consolidated over the years following two particular development guidelines that have made it a distinctive and unique solution on the market:

Horizontal extension of functional coverage aimed at overcoming the logic of “silo” applications in favor of a holistic, collaborative and integrated operational approach

Integration of BPM tools for the business process automation and workflows to achieve maximum operational efficiency, quality and scalability.


New horizons for RuleDesigner

In recent years, RuleDesigner’s R&D team has devoted increasing attention to a further aspect that has become a third pillar, still evolving: the user experience.

By expanding the application scope of RuleDesigner Configurator, from a tool for creating product configuration and process automation applications to a real low-code / no-code platform for the rapid development of enterprise applications, it has been possible to revolutionize the traditional standard way of use of the PLM platform in favor of a totally customized experience focused on the real operational needs of users.


The RuleDesigner PLM solution, including a BPM and low-code tools, offers many advantages that generate a significant impact in the Product Lifecycle Management:

Improve PLM agility and flexibility

Thanks to the presence of low-code tools, the RuleDesigner PLM application can be easily customized, extended and adapted to respond quickly and efficiently to changes. This allows companies to tailor the system to their specific needs without requiring extensive programming knowledge, increasing the agility and flexibility of the entire product lifecycle management process.

It satisfies the information needs and supports the daily work of enterprise users:

RuleDesigner PLM can be extended with multi-domain applications, customized pages and portals based on user roles and goals. This means that the interface and functionality of the platform can be specifically adapted to meet information needs and support the daily activities of users in different business areas. This customization helps improve efficiency and user experience.

Improve efficiency through the generation of information and documents:

RuleDesigner PLM offers tools to generate information and documents efficiently throughout the product lifecycle. This helps ensure that information is easily accessible, up-to-date and shared across different business teams and departments. Furthermore, workflow automation allows you to streamline processes and reduce execution times, improving overall operational efficiency.

Enabling technology for domain experts:

RuleDesigner PLM provides domain experts with tools that enable data capture and formalization of business knowledge and procedures. This allows the skills and experience of industry professionals to be acquired and incorporated into the system, creating a shared knowledge base and automating operating procedures. This leads to greater consistency and quality in the activities carried out within the company.

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Breton spa

“The corporate culture is stressed by new paradigms that allow for surprising results in terms of design quality, costs and people involvement. The role of the integration technology between the various platforms and RuleDesigner proved to be the only solution that could have guaranteed the management of the company's enormous historical heritage, guaranteeing a modernization in the flows and methodologies of each individual role ”

Gabriele CaccinTechnical Information Systems Manager Breton

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