Always striving to be a step forward

If you are a company that is never satisfied with the results obtained but always wants to explore new solutions and technologies to offer the best to its customers then you are in the right place.

We are a company with a strong expertise in the PLM market which, thanks to the close collaboration with industrial realities and partners located throughout the world, has understood that it is necessary to embrace the extended company by supporting process automation and collaboration in the network of stakeholders with an integrated and homogeneous approach.

We believe this is a winning approach, that’s why we transferred it to our RuleDesigner Technology, which has now became a BPM Collaborative Platform.

Mix your product portfolio

Balance your portfolio on the basis of your business strategies related to product lifecycle, market share and customer loyalty.

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RuleDesigner is the right tecnology to meet the complementary and growing needs of manufacturers that goes beyond the PLM approach in order to embrace processes at enterprise level.

BPM: The solution you need

Discover the features of the BPM solution and how it responds to strategies for the extension of your product portfolio.

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Explore the possibility to become RuleDesigner partner by learning more about us and how other companies like you have extended their market share and increased their revenue.