Move the focus from Functions to Collaborative Processes

BPM & BPA Collaborative approach

Learn more about the BPM approach and how it can offer customers an effective and comprehensive overview of the business processes by integrating both structured workflows and collaborative processes.

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The BPM / BPA system can bring multiple benefits to a manufacturing company:

Process optimization
Time & Cost saving
Better use of resources
More Productivity
Fluid Information Exchange
Easy access to Technical Documents
Better Project Feasibility evaluation
Decision Making support
Better Customer Experience
Greater Compliance with regulations
Improved Process Visibility
Happier Co-workers

an olistic approach

Collaborative Business Processes

In a context in which the technological development has changed the concept of service, product and company, the adaption to change needs to take place extremely fast.

For this reason, it is necessary the maximum flexibility of the internal processes and the support to collaboration among the stakeholders involved through solutions able to simplify the relationship activities.

The capacity to support the company social network improves informative workflows and the sharing of know-how and best practice by being a distinctive element for the competitive advantage.

Todays Business Process Management approach includes the effective execution of the process and how people interact and collaborate every day too.

In fact, a process may involve different company stakeholders that must be able to interact among each other on the process-related topics.

In this regard, to have an effective and comprehensive overview of the process, there is the need to integrate these two visions, i.e. combining the workflow activities and the social and collaborative network.

The enabling technology



& Process Editor

Environment for modeling rule-based automation processes with configuration approach.


Process Organizer & Lifecycle Management

Environment for the process life cycle management and the traceability of changes and improvements made.


Social Collaborative

Collaborative portal for the management of the business processes and workflows.

Company processes

Different process classification, one technology

The company processes can diverge in the automation level. There are company processes completly  automated, which means that no human being is actually involved in the company process.  Semi- automated  processes, instead, require manual activities but also include  automated activities. The company automated processes can be applied in a contest of heterogeneous software applications for realizing an integration at enterprise level.

Business processes can be classified based on their repetition level. For highly repetitiveness business processes is possible to implement an automatic execution without providing the human involvement by gaining high benefits in terms of efficiency. At the opposite side there are business processes that verify only few times in which the focus is not the automation but the improvement of the collaboration among the resources involved. These processes are called collaborative business processes.

When the business process model is able to define the activities and the execution bonds completely, the process is then structured. This means that all the possible options can be previously defined. During the execution modes each execution of the process will be simple and homogeneous and it will have a different progress based on the choices made. The business processes can be more flexible for better support expert collaborators by providing  an execution mode that allows to carry out activities simultaneously and not consecutively.

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Automation at enterprise level

BPA can be applied to a wide range of processes

Sales process automation

Web-based offer configuration to configure, quote products/ services and entire custom job orders.


Configuration of documents of any type and format on corporate templates and with contents coherent to the company image, to address to both customers and prospects.


With RuleDesigner Configurator, users can automate the design of those products characterized by a high level of customization. Thus, it allows designers to focus on the enhancement or development of  new products.

Product configurations

The system drives users in configuring accurate products, even when the composition of the product is highly complicated. Both configuration rules and the knowledge-base can be maintained and updated in complete autonomy.

Service & Spare Parts

Improve the response lead time to customer individual requests thanks to the ability to map and automate workflows starting from customer service and involving appointed corporate functions.


Map custom workflow, streamline communication processes and automate repetitive tasks. Workflow automation is a simple way to simplify and improve the execution of structured activities involving people, processes and contents.

Partnership program

RuleDesigner Partner Program is designed to provide VARs with assistance, support and expertise in RuleDesigner products, to aid them in serving and selling to their clients. We provide our partners with a wide range of E-marketing and sales material. Moreover, our partners have access to our technical resources and staff.

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