Analysis of the product portfolio

Is your product portfolio well-mixed?

Offering a greater variety of products can allow you to diversify risks and capitalize on your established reputation. A broader portfolio can attract different buyers and increase profitability thanks to market segmentation. Additional products can help you to compete more widely in the reference industry.

Product portfolio extension strategy

Some of the statement below reflect your situation?

Product Lifecycle

Technologies in my portfolio are becoming commodities... I'm worried about the future.

Market Opportunities

I’m tied to only one supplier ...
customers are really mine?

Customer Loyalty

My products are not scalable...
Is my role as a supplier undermined?


Start today to change your business

RuleDesigner Partners can benefits from a modular and enterprise-level product offering that allow to extend business activities to:

New Business Functions

RuleDesigner thanks to its modular approach and its functional extension is able to provide concrete answers to the functions of engineering, product, sales, quality, post - sales and spare-parts.

Wider Business Processes

RuleDesigner thanks to the modeling, management and automation of business processes can be implemented to streamline interdepartmental processes at the enterprise level.

Discover Use Cases

New Reference Markets

RuleDesigner thanks to the ability to complement existing business applications such as CAD / PDM and ERP allows to expand your range of action in multiple realities and industrial sectors.

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