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Introducing products that meet changing customer needs is an important driver of product-line expansion. Inviting customers to collaborate or to share needs and objectives help you to bring out new opportunities and to focuse attention
and draw up priorities of a product portfolio development path. Expanding a product line can help you to increase customer loyalty. Adding new complementary products enables companies to sell more to existing customers, without the effort and cost of acquiring new customers.


My products can’t effectively answer the needs of my customers ...
Is my role as a supplier undermined?


Minority suppliers, in turn, need to realize that their success in this highly competitive environment depends on their ability to continually develop overall competences, to be learning organizations, and to become increasingly attuned to and adept at building strategic alliances amongst themselves and with their corporate customers.


RuleDesigner, as enterprise level solution, allows you to be involved in innovation projects that can arise both at the level of individual business functions and at process level with a transversal application.
You will be able to implement up-selling and crossselling strategies by obtaining benefits from higher response rates because you have already established a relationship with these decision makers.
And, because your customers already understand and buy your value-added IT services, the sales cycle will be shorter than that of acquiring a new customer.
RuleDesigner will give you the possibility to enhance the relationship with your customerS and to be recognized as the referring technological partner for projects in innovation.

RuleDesigner in actions

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