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Satisfying the needs of customers in new target sectors or in a profitable niche sector in line with the partner’s expertise.

If you can not compete effectively with you current offering, you should analize your portfolio and evaluate the addition of new complementary products in order to avoid losing business against competitors with higher performance products.


I’m tied to only one supplier ... customers are really mine?


• Failure to sell in typical negotiations due to lack of a differentiator
• Exclusion from wider spectrum innovation projects
• Customer Lock-in towards the Vendor/Brand
• VAR Lock-in towards the Vendor/Brand
• VAR ousting from the indirect sales channel


RuleDesigner is the ideal solution to integrate to your offering to strengthen your positioning on the market, to reinforce customer loyalty and therefore being recognized the added value technological partner in digital transformation with a innovative, integrated and distinctive proposal.

Indeed, by exploiting the skills and expertise of the partner, RuleDesigner provides with a modular and flexible approach able to meet the customer needs in the framework of process management.

Thanks to RuleDesigner the partner has the possibility to expand the range of action to companies that, despite having embraced technologies provided by the competition on the engineering front, are fully in target with his expertise and can involve him in more interesting innovation projects.


RuleDesigner in action

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