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RuleDesigner PDM
integration for
CREO Parametric and CREO Direct

RuleDesigner PDM integration for Creo allows to organize and collaborative  manage product data.

The integration allows to extend the advantages of organizing and managing collaborative product data also to CREO users.

Even companies that consider replacing their current design system with Creo can find in RuleDesigner PDM a valid ally. In fact, thanks to the wide portfolio of integrations, RuleDesigner PDM is able to manage both the drawings history and new projects.

RuleDesigner PDM allows to classify drawings made in CREO with a univocal and homogeneous part-numbering plan, improving collaboration in the technical team and the reuse of projects.

RuleDesigner PDM environment allows to create and manage multiple types of boms and reports exporting functions to ERP systems.

Finally, it can embrace the processes of the extended company with modules for the management of job orders, service, spare parts, documents, CRM, marketing, salesforce automation, product configuration and process configuration.


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