What is RuleDesigner Configurator

The product and process configurator equipped with a PLM & BPM collaborative platform

RuleDesigner Configurator is a product and process configuration system applicable to the technical and sales area, but also at enterprise-level, to reach the maximum level of efficiency of extended PLM processes. By adopting a rule-driven approach, it allows to describe in a flexible and transversal way the rules for the automation of business processes.

RuleDesigner Configurator is the only configurator able to approach the automation of processes from a “management” as well as a geometric point of view. This is the key to creating real applications for complex configurations that are interconnected with business processes.

Low-code framework

Simple to configure and maintain thanks to a low-code framework.

The environment for modeling the configuration process is easy to use and maintain because it is characterized by a high-level rules editing mode that makes it easy to use by those who have the process know-how even without specific IT skills.

Open MultiCAD system

Interacts with CAD systems and business applications to create transversal automations

Pilot and interact via web-services with databases and business applications, personal production software (Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Indesign), mechatronic design systems (2D and 3D CAD), product technical data management (PDM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), CRM and Document systems just to name a few types.


It supports  Collaborative, Distributed and Smart work

RuleDesigner supports globally distributed contexts where collaboration between corporate actors represents the pillar of the organization. The technology available to companies becomes the means, the enabling tool, to be able to realize the paradigm of distributed work, making it an integral part of their business organization.

Scalable to PLM & BPM

Applicable to enterprise-level business processes

It is equipped with a web platform that extends its applicability to the extended company, representing the ideal knowledge base for receiving, organizing and introducing the data generated by the configuration processes into the correct flows. The portal is organized in self-consistent and integrated modules for CRM management oriented to sales and after-sales, Project and Order Management, Workflow, Documents and Spare Parts.


Here are some examples of what you can do with an all-round configurator

Product configuration process

CPQ and quotation configurator

Design Automation

Spare parts rule-based generation

Document configuration

Workflow Automation

Synchronization procedures

Data generation and storage

Bill of material manipulations


Main CAD and PDM applications that RuleDesigner is able to control


Some examples of application cases as a product configurator


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