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RuleDesigner Configurator

RuleDesigner Configurator

Product & Process Configurator

The unparalleled configurator on the market for  automating workflows across the extended enterprise.



Product and Process Configurator

RuleDesigner Configurator is a product and process configuration system applicable to the technical and sales area, but also at enterprise-level, to reach the maximum level of efficiency of extended PLM processes. By adopting a rule-driven approach, it allows to describe in a flexible and transversal way the rules for the automation of business processes.


RuleDesigner is the only configurator on the market for applying automation to your business processes at enterprise-level.


Governance tool for business applications

Through web services, it is able to drive and interact with databases and business applications including common personal production software (Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe InDesign), mechatronic design systems (2D and 3D CAD), product technical data management applications (PDM) and enterprise resources planning systems(ERP).


Integrated with a modular enterprise platform

It is equipped with integrated functional modules that extend its application to the extended company, therefore representing the knowledge-base for collecting, organizing and entering data – generated by configuration processes –  into the proper corporate workflow.


Support to worker mobility

The web-based architecture supports the tasks of those who work both inside and outside the company. Configuration processes can be executed locally without a web connection and synchronized later on, with the Fusion platform.


Easy to use and maintain

The user interface is characterized by a rule-driven step by step interaction paradigm. In this way the configurator can be used by any user, even directly by customers or sales partners.

CAD Integrations


One-single platform for many applications.

The outstanding feature of RuleDesigner platform is the possibility of using modularity by exploiting “the power of  community” to create different set of offers,  which are faster and cheaper to implement than the stand-alone objects.


Discover what you can do with an all-around configurator

Design Automation

With RuleDesigner Configurator, users can automate the design of those products characterized by a high level of customization. Thus, it allows designers to focus on the enhancement or development of  new products.

Offer Configuration

Web offer configuration to configure and estimate customized products, services and job orders.

Document configuration

Configuration of documents of any type and format on corporate templates and with contents coherent to the company image, to address to both customers and prospects.


Product configurator

The system drives users in configuring accurate products, even when the composition of the product is highly complicated. Both configuration rules and the knowledge-base can be maintained and updated in complete autonomy.

Service Configurator

Improve the response lead time to customer individual requests thanks to the ability to map and automate workflows starting from customer service and involving appointed corporate functions.

Workflow Automation

Map custom workflow, streamline communication processes and automate repetitive tasks. Workflow automation is a simple way to simplify and improve the execution of structured activities involving people, processes and contents.


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