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CRM for Sales

Generate sales contacts, Manage the customer relationships, Organize your daily work and Monitor your performance.


Establish, build and maintain relationships all along the customer life-cycle

Comprehensive and cross-functional information collected in one-single web portal.

RuleDesigner provides a collaborative web environment for data and workflows management within the Marketing and Sales area. The sales staff can manage new contacts and in general, the customer base using extended customer-related information records, classification and relation data, documents, contacts and tasks.

Lead generation with a full suite of integrated marketing tools; better management of customer relationships by tracking communications; organization of the daily work and monitoring of performance.


What makes RuleDesigner different


Salesforce management

Salesforce management provides tools to arrange work and check the results. There is the possibility to manage the customer-base through extended customer records, classification and relation data, documents, contacts and tasks.


Integrated sales configurator

The combined use of RuleDesigner CRM and Configurator allows the activation of advanced marketing automation strategies,  customer segmentation, traceability of web actions and integration with CRM data. Beside this, the combined use of these modules, strongly support users in issuing complex offers, thanks to the guided insertion of configuration data.


Scalable to an Enterprise CRM management

RuleDesigner activates a global and integrated management of workflows belonging to the PLM and CRM domain. You can extend the field of application gradually, without any further installation.


Support to worker mobility

The web-based architecture supports the tasks of those who work both inside and outside of the company. Configuration processes can be executed locally without a web connection and synchronized later on, with the Fusion platform.


Learn more on RuleDesigner capabilities in this area

Lead Generation e Marketing

The marketing management area allows to create and organize marketing campaigns. The campaign record is a container with cross-functional information where it is possible to consult: contents, addressees, feedback, opportunities, tasks and statistics.

Diary and Planners

Task management tools are available for planning tasks with dynamic and configurable workflows and types. Personal agendas with daily, weekly and monthly views on tasks and global planner providing a view all of the team’s tasks. Using “myhome” gadgets, users can receive and look at the tasks in an organized way.

Sales cycle

Tools are available for generating sales offers with approval workflow and versioning management. The system track and automatically store all the offers generated in the correct company panel, with the possibility to export them in different formats including pdf and excel. Once the offers are approved, they become orders with their own progress workflow until their fulfilment. All the orders are notified to the appointed contacts, tracked and stored in the correct repository.

RuleDesigner su SmartPhone

Customer-Base Management and Development

Tools for managing the contacts-base and importing new business contacts from external sources. Dynamic company records with the possibility of entering relationships and contacts with roles and departments of belonging.

Opportunities and Sales Forecast

Tools are available to organize and support sales opportunities with progress workflow and related activities. Each salesman can control its activities and track all the negotiation stages, with probability of success, competing products and companies and actions check-lists. Finally, forecasting tools display – according to the account’s visibility permissions and position held –  the list of ongoing negotiations.

Contract and Document management

A document management system is already integrated and it supports the process of creating, updating and storing files in the correct corporate repository in a structured way. Thanks to such  integration, it is possible to link documents of any kind to the company they refer to, tracking the history of the relationships with the customer and any shared documents.


RuleDesigner in action

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