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RuleDesigner Smart Action is the tool thought to automate project managers activities characterized by high repetitiveness. It eliminates loss of time due to repetitive run operations leading to a better productivity and efficiency in the technical / engineering area.


Automation of repetitive activities
related to the design

The plugin technology on RuleDesigner Smart Actions allows to increase the global efficiency of CAD product because each operation can be sequencialized in a simple way and performed without the supervision of the user.

Recovery boards

Update boards

Title-block substitution

Compress zip files and send emails

Bom report creation

Cad file and Microsoft Office conversions

Bom exportation in Excel or text document starting by CAD

Print document list with table optimization

Automatic layout of solids, automatic development of sheet metal

Archiving / extraction of multiple files in PDM repository

Update Part number PDM data and properties on CAD files

Property relocation: cancelation, alignment with file properties through templates or tables.

Bom operations

PDM part-number on file lists

Tools for configuring additional plugin

CAD Integrations

RuleDesigner SmartActions interfaces directly with the most popular CAD design software, even managing multiCAD files simultaneously.


Learn more on RuleDesigner PDM / PLM module for the technical office


Protect and develop the technical know-how along the product life-cycle.


RuleDesigner in action

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