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Project & Workflow


RuleDesigner transforms your projects into informative and shared dashboards, easy to consult and completely customizable.


Get the full 360 degree view of all your projects and job orders.

Complete and cross-functional information collected in one- single dashboard.

RuleDesigner transforms your projects into informative and shared dashboards, easy to consult and completely customizable. The project dashboard allows to organize work and track information and documents to support decision-making.


Project timing

View progress at a glance

Management of the project timing and all processes necessary for completing the project.



Planning, managing and controlling quality

Map all processes necessary to ensure quality goals.


Organization of human resources

Communication and collaboration

The management of project human resources includes all the processes necessary to ensure the correct organization and management of  project groups. It includes stakeholder, customers, suppliers and sponsors.



Clear and simple communication with stakeholders

Communication management embraces processes necessary to ensure timely and appropriate management of project information. It provides critical connections among people, ideas and information that are necessary to succeed.


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Cross-functional project sheet

Each project has one-single informative panel where it is possible to find information regarding the status of execution of the different phases, the project file, the activities and resources involved, project and /or phase related costs, deadlines, checklists, events and reports.

Advanced project classification

It is possible to differentiate projects per type and, therefore, have different workflows, managers, resources and informative dashboard. All this in one-single, complete and simple interface.

Project phases and workflows

Tools are available for the definition of a project through phases, sub-phases, sub-projects and activities that make easy the assignment of responsibilities, definition of the budget, timing and performances.
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Integrated document manager

All project documentation, including the technical file, can be managed and consulted directly by the project panel and subjected to securities, approval workflows, versioning and automatisms to number and store it automatically.

Secure access and storage

Account permissions can be set to access the system in consultation or actively participating to project tasks on the basis of the company organization chart and specific for users/ groups.

Project Index

The project index contains the list of the all company projects and allows to search for them by applying advanced filters according to the needs.


RuleDesigner in action

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