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RuleDesigner for all-in-one B2B Customer Portals

Impress your customers with profiled services and unique solutions studied on their needs: from the automatic sharing of the technical file and serial number data, to the product configuration up to the provision of value-added services with an all-in-one portal.


With RuleDesigner you can create collaborative portals to provide services to different categories of corporate stakeholders such as customers.

The implementation of the customer portal takes place through a simple configuration activity which, by exploiting the embedded tools and integrations with the PLM, CRM and ERP systems that you already use, allows you to organize and convey product assets and services to customers in a profiled.

With RuleDesigner you decide how far to go. Here are some of the things you can include in the RuleDesigner B2B customer portal:


Traceability of product information assets over time

The traceability of information assets helps companies achieve greater efficiency in the management of their products, reduce operating costs, improve the quality and safety of their products and provide greater transparency in production and distribution processes. Furthermore, it allows you to monitor the life cycle of the product, to plan preventive maintenance, to follow up on any anomalies and to implement the regulations related to safety and traceability.

CPQ and sales quotation through product configurator

The product configurator is a tool that can be inserted into the customer portal to support the request processes for new products or customized services based on specific needs. The product configurator can be used for a wide range of industrial products and allows you to generate estimates, commercial and technical documentation up to 3D geometries.

Sharing of job orders data

A portal for sharing job order data with the customer can offer various advantages for both parties. For the customer, it can provide greater transparency and visibility into the status of the order, allowing you to monitor progress and identify any problems in a timely manner. Furthermore, it can simplify communication between the customer and the company, allowing documents and information to be exchanged quickly and efficiently. For the business, it can improve project management by allowing you to easily share data with your team and track tasks and deadlines. It can also increase customer satisfaction and retention as customers can feel more engaged and informed about the status of their project.

Automatic sharing of the technical file and serial number data

The technical file is the document that contains detailed information on an industrial product, such as its technical characteristics, instructions for use, safety information and compliance with standards and regulations. In general, it consists of a descriptive part of the product, a regulatory part and a part of instructions for use and maintenance.

Purchase functions of spare parts linked to sales

The spare parts portal provides a catalog of available spare parts for a particular product, allowing users to search and buy the spare parts they need. In some cases, the parts portal may also provide technical information about parts, such as installation instructions, and may also offer technical assistance services to help users find the right part for their product. The parts portal can also provide technical information about parts, such as installation instructions, and can also offer technical assistance services to help users find the right part for their product.

Provision of value-added services to improve the customer experience

Value Added Services (VAS) in B2B are supplementary services offered by companies to their customers to improve the shopping experience and increase customer loyalty. These services may include after-sales assistance, training, consulting, technical support, maintenance and repair services, customization services and much more.


  • Improve sales processes by creating recurring revenue streams
  • Respond promptly to specific needs with personalized offers
  • Carry out continuous product improvement thanks to an effective traceability of non-conformities
  • Create a distinctive value compared to the competition by implementing “servitization” strategies
  • Improve customer experience and increase customer loyalty.

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RuleDesigner is an enterprise collaborative platform, designed to implement digital transformation initiatives, aimed at the management, integration and automation of processes related to product and business innovation.



Collaborative platform for the management & automation of business processes


Product Lifecycle Management at enterprise level, from inception, through engineering design to service.


Technical & Sales Configurator to support product customization strategies

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