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Product Configuration Management


Configuration/ BOM management is one of the PLM critical aspects in many industrial fields. This is due to the complexity of the product structure, the breadth of the process development and the number of stakeholders involved in the product life cycle.

Electronic spreadsheets are not made for the management of complex BOMs.

RuleDesigner provides a complete and integrate way for the product configurations management, consolidating and connecting all the assets related to the components used to design, implement and support products in their life cycle.

RuleDesiger allows you to manage BOM that cover the entire life cycle of the product and the information of  the different company functions. 

In the product development activity, there are many profile categories that interact to collaborate on products and processes, starting from design  to production and from services to purchases. Through RuleDesigner configuration management you can manage different kind of BOMs and get alternative views integrated into one system to ensure a more efficient change management without communication mistakes.

RuleDesigner allows to manage the specific configuration sold to the customer, which is the product, that is implemented with precautions, technical solutions and accessories requested by the customer during the purchase contract.

The configuration management allows to define, check, track and verify each specific configuration as described in the technical documentation along its life-cycle.

RuleDesigner’s configurations life cycle is a process divided into steps and sub-steps where the feasibility, concept activities, configuration, project development, design, prototyping, production and support service are developed.


What you can achieve

Activation of new services in the sales area
Support for interdepartmental collaboration
Integration of sales processes with plm

Active participation of the customer to define the product


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