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Automatic composition of techical documentation


Automatic composition of technical documentation

The technical product documentation is characterized by a high recurrence of contents refereble to rules. RuleDesigner offers the support in the creation and distribution of handbooks and technical documentation, allowing to reuse existing contents.

RuleDesigner has a repository that allows to archive contents such as paragraphs, figures, pages, sections or chapters. Each content has a code and it is classified according configurable criteria. The archiving, extraction and revision processes are regulated by specific approval workflows that ensure a secure and regular access.

Thanks to an intuitive web interface, users select the information they need and obtain the handbook in the desidered language automatically.

It is possible to share the technical documentation generated with collaborators and customers through the web portal starting from BOM, serial number or connected client.

CAD Projects and technical communication
always alligned

RuleDesigner allows to develop the technical documentation already in the product development phase. Infact thanks to integrations with the most common CAD software, RuleDesigner is able to re-elaborate 2D tables and 3D graphics to create training handbooks, technical assistance, editing instruction, strategies and  all that concerns the product. 

All changes made to the CAD project, RuleDesigner reviews and updates all the documentation by ensuring always the perfect alignment between the product and the communication. 

Thanks to the enterprise platform that integrates CRM and PLM, RuleDesigner archives, distributes and shares automatically the documentation through the web portal.


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