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Workflow automation


Workflow automation at enterprise level

Application on the PLM field

With RuleDesigner it is possible to implement workflow automation and to support decision-making processes.

The workflow automation solution can provide new levels of efficiency in each phase.

  • Improve the collaboration between R&D team, design, sales, quality and production through a global and secure access to documents and product information.
  • Accelerate business process by digitizing and automating manual tasks or performing procedures for updating information on different business applications.
  • Create efficiency in processes and engineering processes through automation, integration and collaboration.
  • Minimizing errors and improving quality through automated checklists.

Aplication in the sales fied

RuleDesigner applied to the sales field, it helps to manage and control the estimation process and all the activities related to it, which require a structured management and the coordination among more people and the company functions.

During the elaboration of the product configurations it can be helpful to involve specialized figures for the technical evaluation (for example what is required from the customer it is irrelevant from what it is mapped in the rule system) or area managers for the authorization to the discount application.

This is possible thanks to the cross- functional configuration tools and workflow automation. RuleDesigner allows to map multiple scenarios and allows to drive activities according to the company rules, with the possibility to branch the necessary actions out, even based on the customer or stakeholder interactions involved in the workflow.

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