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Change management processes  (ECR – ECO)


RuleDesigner supports Change Management processes from the moment that a change request (ECR) is opened until  the change order is executed (ECO).

The ECR purposes can concern the elimination of non-compliance, the reduction of direct costs, the improvement of performance and reliability, the implementation of a functional solution or other cases.

The requesting office that introduces the ECR, it defines the objects of the change, the items involved (parts, components or documents) the motivation and the urgency/ priority level.

The change requests are registered in the system and based on the purposes and on the object to the change, it can be realized different approval workflow and it can be involved company functions which are responsible of the estimation (R&D Engineering, Quality, and Customer Service depending on the organizational model).

The ECR approval workflow can be structured in phases that foresee the feasibility analysis by collecting extra information and production of technical relations, budgeting by evaluating costs and analysis of the economical impact, approval and scheduling the measure to adopt carefully. The ECR approval determines the opening of a change order for the approval changes and the generation of the new BOM.

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