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RuleDesigner BPM

Rule-based platform that integrates structured work processes with collaborative flows


Collaborative workflows in business processes

In a context in which the technological development has renewed service concepts, product and company, the purposes of a process manager that are on a BPM traditional approach need to evolve. The adaption to change needs to take place extremely fast, for this reason it is necessary the maximum flexibility of the internal processes and the support to collaboration among the stakeholders involved through solutions able to simplify the relationship activities. The traditional  approach for processes is inefficient because does not consider the collaborative workflows among the stakeholders regarding the company activities. As well as  the traditional software platforms which are usually rigid and “process – oriented” need to be strongly customized for covering the business processes completely by increasing their stiffness. There have been created heterogeneous technological ecosystems  in which managerial and collaborative applications operate in a parallel but separate way. This is because solutions that have been implemented were not evolved towards these new process management needs. The capacity to support the company social network improves informative workflows and the sharing of know- how and best practice by being a distinctive element for the competitive advantage.

A current Business Process Management approach includes the real functionality of the process, or the way in which people interact and collaborate every day. In fact a process may have to involve different company stakeholders based on reference parameters and these must be able to interact to each other and use information contextualised to the processes themselves. This means that having a real and complete view of the processes, there is the need to put together these two visions by combining the workflow activities and the social and collaborative network.

Enabling tools


Workflow & Process Editor

Environment for modeling rule-based automation processes with configuration approach.


Social Collaborative Portal

Collaborative portal for the management of the business processes and workflows.

RuleDesigner’s Enterprise Architecture

RuleDesigner BPM enables collaboration between company users bringing transparency, flexibility and adapting to the change, efficiency and coherency to the company workflow. RuleDesigner is a collaborative BPM collaborative platform for the integrated and collaborative management of business processes.

With RuleDesigner the automation of business processes can be applied to a wide variety of processes including:

Sales process automation

Web-based offer configuration to configure, quote products/ services and entire custom job orders.

Document Configuration

Configuration of documents of any type and format on corporate templates and with contents coherent to the company image, to address to both customers and prospects.

Design Automation

With RuleDesigner Configurator, users can automate the design of those products characterized by a high level of customization. Thus, it allows designers to focus on the enhancement or development of  new products.

Automation of product configurations

The system drives users in configuring accurate products, even when the composition of the product is highly complicated. Both configuration rules and the knowledge-base can be maintained and updated in complete autonomy.

Automation of Service processes

Improve the response lead time to customer individual requests thanks to the ability to map and automate workflows starting from customer service and involving appointed corporate functions.

Workflow Automation

Map custom workflow, streamline communication processes and automate repetitive tasks. Workflow automation is a simple way to simplify and improve the execution of structured activities involving people, processes and contents.

One global and modular approach


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Corporate culture is being stressed by new paradigms that allow surprising results to be achieved in terms of design quality, costs and people involvement. The role of the integration technology between the various platforms and RuleDesigner proved to be the only solution that could guarantee the management of the company's enormous historical heritage, guaranteeing a modernization in the flows and methodologies of each individual role

Gabriele CaccinTechnical Information Systems Manager

The introduction of the No-Code approach has made it possible to activate simpler and more flexible management of the configurator. For me it was a real revolution because I went from having to depend on the supplier for any changes to implementing and testing the changes myself.

Giovanni OstacchiniTechnical Sales Manager - Koenig & Bauer

A Lean corporate management philosophy combined with the implementation of RuleDesigner®, as the company's reference information system, has allowed us to obtain complete, real-time visibility of the order status, converging towards a customer-oriented vision at the lowest cost

Operation Manager - Modulblok spaAndrea Peressi
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