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Enabling Technology

RuleDesigner is an enterprise-level collaborative platform for the  knowledge management and for the organization and automation of business  processes.


Companies evolutionary transformation

The progressive and overwhelming evolutionary transformation that companies of advanced industrialized countries are going through is, perhaps, the main cause of the crisis we have experienced in the latest decade. As a matter of fact, such transformation deeply changed the organizations’ distinguishing features from organizations that process materials to organization that organize ideas.

Thus, differently from the usual crisis, which is regularly followed by boom periods, we  faced a structural crisis and those who survived came out deeply changed.

Indeed, it is very difficult that low-value added productions can continue to survive in advanced industrialized countries (and high personnel costs)because they are strongly influenced by the economic competition.

This is the reason why companies unable to refocus on higher value added productions end up surrendering to the economic competition of the emerging countries which are facilitated, more than in the past, not only by low labour costs, but also by cost-effective costs for moving goods or raw materials, as a result of the globalization process.


Building a Social Enterprise Collaboration

By the way, the context is different for those organizations who have positioned or are positioning themselves on the high-value added production market. Those organizations need to re-structure themselves to maximize their value assets, outsourcing as much as possible all those aspects of the product lifecycle where they are less competitive.

In such a context, the challenge organizations have to face is the ability to convert into “value” the business model that lead/drive them to success.  This means making it efficient, effective and pervasively replicable; in one word, making it  “persistent”  regardless  the inevitable changes of  people and places.

Essentially, organizations should:

  • Transform the “volatile and immaterial” modus operandi into a real acceptable and repeatable “asset”,
  • Map the organizational ad operational strategies in workflows, incorporating the best operating modes (best practices),
  • Organize the know-how to be accessed in an effective way.

Getting it all done and operative implies the possibility of  having technological solutions able to connect people, expertise and information in a social-collaborative process extended to the entire corporate pipeline including customers, providers, partners and stakeholders of different types.

A new Social Enterprise Collaboration independent from the places and working modes.


RuleDesigner pillars

RuleDesigner is a web enterprise collaborative platform for knowledge management as well as for process organization and automation.

Enterprise Social Collaboration has become one of the most important tool for creating and supporting competitive advantage. Indeed,  it broadens the company boarders and embraces  all the actors that, for different purposes, are involved in the company ecosystem:  internal users, customers, providers, collaborators, co-designers, etc.

In order to ensure a common business goal, a close cooperation with providers and stakeholders is necessary to structure sharing information, interaction processes and exchange of documents.

RuleDesigner technology incorporates this cross-cutting and global vision to business processes to support collaboration, knowledge management, process efficiency and exceeding the limits imposed by the traditional ERP, CRM, PLM systems and project management.

RuleDesigner is equipped with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools that have the scope of automating back-office processes. The system, appropriately configured, makes it possible to emulate the activities of a human resource and interact with existing applications, relieving staff from all the repetitive and routine tasks related to administrative processes, such as acquisition and data entry, controls, etc.

Among the advantages: double-digit reduction of the error rate in back-office processes, an extreme speeding up of the process lead time, the possibility of checking the progress through a log system that records process tasks performed as well as irregularities found.

These features make it an ideal tool to solve urgent problems concerning efficiency with a winning approach. By implementing quick win solutions, it allows organizations to quickly bring into operation the automation of processes, even those that involve the combined use of many applications.

In fact, robots can perform tasks involving the access and use of multiple systems and procedures (ERP systems, e-mail, spreadsheets, websites, etc …) and the execution of long sequences of activities.

RuleDesigner platform collects and distribute product and service assets from concept to implementation, with the possibility to follow their operability up over time.

An integrated approach to product and/or service lifecycle and related business processes including value chains, stakeholders, marketing, design, sales, quality and service.

RuleDesigner is endowed with a process Configurator that, besides configuring products, also acts as a framework able to drive existing application and govern the organization.

Thanks to RuleDesigner Configurator, it is possible to convert the corporate know how in a set of operational processes. Once organized and stored, such processes represent the “heart” of the company’s value, available at any time to all those who need to use those processes.

Having all of this within a single family of coherent and integrated products creates something alchemical, able of triggering an explosive mixture in the organization of the company’s activities.

Operational advantage

Efficient business processes

Increase productivity and digitally transform business processes across the company. Reach your goals in digital transformation.

Effectively adapting to change

Implementation and support for the continuous improvement of specific corporate workflows with the possibility of extension at enterprise-level.

Service innovation

Process automation and knowledge management tools available to offer digital customers new service-levels.

Product innovation

Comprehensive management of the product lifecycle spanning from the R&D to the service. Shorter innovation cycles by mapping processes and lessening the associated bottlenecks.

Collaboration & smart-working

One single centralized virtual environment  aimed at managing teams, communications and collaboration as well as sharing contents interconnected with business processes.

Building support for the company organization

Benefit from workflows- tools to map the organization and encourage knowledge sharing and evolution at the company in a coherent way with the company’s strategic goals.

Improved management of knowledge

Accurate, valuable and organized information easily accessible to those who need it: product-related data, customers information, process documentation, know-how, etc.

Global digital company

Technology able to connect the extended company in a strategic way for the purpose of business, suitable to easily adapt to cloud requirements and marked by an advanced collaboration model among the different corporate functions.



Map the social network of the company


A tool that allows to classify the actors of the company based on roles, positions, functions and interests. It interconnects them with the business processes that develop along the product lifecycle.


Collaborative construction of knowledge

Collaborative working environment that simplifies the search for information, communication and cooperation between actors playing around the company ecosystem, even when geographically dislocated, and the setting-up of high levels of interaction.


Management of extended business processes


Integrated approach to the product/ service lifecycle and related business processes, including value chain, stakeholder, marketing, design, sales, quality, service, customers and partners.


Automation along business processes

Process automation as a solution for the efficiency of organizational structures. Automation procedures perfectly integrated into company workflows to maximize execution efficiency.


One global and modular approach

RuleDesigner platform consists of a set of components, modules and common technologies that represent the product portfolio.

The outstanding feature of RuleDesigner platform is the possibility of using modularity by exploiting “the power of community” to create different set of offers.


RuleDesigner in action

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