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From the service request to action

RuleDesigner Configurator allows to optimize the routing of tickets by addressing correctly the customer’s requests and process them as soon as possible.

There is a better lead time to the single requests thanks to the possbility to map and automate workflows starting from the customer service and involving the technical areas (industrial engineering, technical department, R&D) sales, quality and production.

The customer service collects all the customer information and enters them in a web-dynamic questionnaire, which is based on rules and, it allows to collect all the necessary information for the elaboration request.

The configuration process which is based on data, it  is able to define the correct workflow by involving and notifying the correct functions and company resources.

At the end of the workflow, the customer service receives the feedback and shares it with the customer.

Service offers configuration

RuleDesigner allows to support users in the definition of fees related to the service agreements and maintenance contracts. Thanks to a rule-based system, it is possible to keep on mind multiple parameters that influence the service final cost such as the type, lead time, the importance and strategy level of the customer and the product.

RuleDesigner through a dynamic web-based questionnaire allows to introduce all the specific parameters to have the auto-calculated correct fee. In few minutes it is possible to show to the customer an agreement or a contract ready to be signed.

Creation of service order

RuleDesigner allows to manage service tasks and integrate them in the CRM and PLM context. This ensures efficiency and speed in the custom service delivery

With RuleDesigner, it is possible to generate service orders on the basis of contracts or  after opening a service request. The service order includes all the information based on the action that needs to be done, gather during the configuration phase request, necessary components, involved people (selected by the system based on the expertises and availability in the agenda) and intervention costs.

The customer’s estimation related to the advanced service request is accepted by the customer and then the automatic generation of the service order can take place, accelerating in this way the process.


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