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Discover how RuleDesigner could be the ideal solution for your sales processes


What about the "Purchase Cycle?" Long, Complex and Customized

In manufacturing, sales models are evolving rapidly, therefore team leaders have to structure processes that ensures  better sales performances.

A defined and shared sales method allows to coordinate and drive each salesman and business partner towards the adoption and consolidation of the best practices while respecting the potential of the individual. Complex sales processes can be structured into steps, milestones and tasks in order to advance in an organized way through the sales workflow until it is closed.

In the sales area, activities regarding the sales evaluation, analysis and  forecasts play a fundamental role. In fact, an error generated during these phases can affect following workflows, leading to insufficient or incorrect purchase orders, to the inability to optimize the company productive capacity as well as other costly errors.


Which business strategies does RuleDesigner support?


The traditional methods for training and supporting the sales-force are no longer sufficient to properly manage the complexity of modern sales processes, data exchange in real time and buyers that are more and more informed and educated. It is necessary to create a system in support of the  sales-force able to transfer the value of business and the best business practices.


Strategic planning and management of opportunities

A global vision on sales opportunities to manage order priority and forecasts.


Customer engagement and value co-creation

Approach customers as “consultants” with the aim of offering them custom solutions able to create value even in complex purchasing processes.


Inter-departmental process management

Collaboration with technical functions on processes for co-creating offers feasibility studies and related documentation.


Leverage effective and efficient sales cycles

Identification of the process phases and efficient execution of the sales operative tasks.


RuleDesigner creates a relational perspective in sales

RuleDesigner is a collaborative platform that supports the sales area in the management of customer relationships, collaboration across functions and in the definition of customized products, even high complex ones.

RuleDesigner allows organizations to generate value by meeting the customer needs with a high level of performance and with easier and smoother sales operations.

The possibility to organize activities related to sales opportunity  and to benefit from powerful configurator tools allows to drastically reduce sales cycles lead time while improving conversion rates.


RuleDesigner platform consists of a set of components, modules that can be combined or implemented individually.

Learn more on modules that meet the requirements to the sales area.


One single integrated solution adaptable to various application scenarios and providing benefits to multiple business processes.

Standardization of the sales process.

Generally, “sales process” refers to a repeatable set of steps a sales team takes with prospects to move them from early stage to closed customers. Having a standardized sales process adds structure and responsibility to sales activities and leads to higher order conversion rates and shorter sales cycles, too. Each department, with a direct or indirect contribution to the sales team, operates using the same processes and assumptions. The continuity of the collaboration allows the team to predict when the support is needed. Also, it helps the organization to plan workloads at the closing of the order.

Sales Process Automation

The configurator combined with the CRM system supports the sales force in the process of configuring complex offers by defining the correct product structures, automatically calculating prices, managing discounts and applying parameters based on customer characteristics or country of origin. The result is a lean sales process that allows to handle many negotiations and increase order closing and conversion rates.

Effectively manage resellers and sales channel partners.

As a manufacturer, the success of the business also depends on the channel partner network and their sales representatives. An under-performing distribution network could limit growth, therefore, providing it with an integrated platform endowed with configuration functions allows simplifying the access to the company knowledge base, adhesion to product configuration rules and compliance to company policies.

New product request evaluation and fulfilment workflows.

Requests for new products and/or product variants, generally collected by the customer service,can be automatically directed to the proper technical and sales workflows on the basis of rules configured within the system. So, RuleDesigner is able to support the entire workflow from the collection of specifications to the communication of the feasibility outcome and the start of the purchase order.

Managing and delivering the business knowledge.

A standardized sales process, supported by rule-based tools, makes the sales-force training simpler and faster and it shows salesmen how to deal with different selling situations.


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