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RuleDesigner Project & Workflow


A 360 degree view of your projects and job orders

RuleDesigner transforms your projects into informative and shared dashboards, which are easy to consult and fully customizable.

A project is an integrated combination of people, resources and organizational factors temporarily set up to achieve predefined goals on the basis of limited resources and time, costs and quality constraints . In this framework, RuleDesigner places itself as the enabling technology for applying the knowledge, skills and techniques to project activities in order to achieve such goals.


Common project management challenges

RuleDesigner allows to face common problems and challenges of project management such as:

Integration among multi-functional teams. Sharing specifications and project roles recognized at enterprise level

Keep visibility on the progress of activities towards stakeholders

Deliver and Share information between project teams

Estimate project costs

One- single centralized point for technical projects files and information for stakeholders

Guarantee pre-defined quality standard for the product produced


Support of cross-functional business processes

The application of project management methodologies becomes essential to deal with continuous changes with increasingly strict deadlines, budget constraints and quality standards. In order to meet these challenges, companies need enabling methodologies and technologies such as RuleDesigner platform.

In the domain of project management, the high adaptability and cross-functionality make RuleDesigner the perfect solution to approach, map, support and track projects belonging to multiple business contexts including: order management, change management, development of a new product/service (NPD), business process re-engineering, quality system document management, sales processes (for instance, requests for special or standard products), management of non-compliance processes.

The high configurability of RuleDesigner allows to model different processes and adapt them to many company contexts in a “standard” mode, without programming. RuleDesigner is the only solution in the market able to embrace the company globally, with management and automation workflow tools. RuleDesigner allows to set up a common regulation for all the users involved and it provides a concise and updated vision of the project in real time, all along  its lifecycle.



Project timing

Verify the progress status at a glance.

Project time management with an overview of the schedule of all the processes needed for completing the main project.


Project costs

Keep the budget under control

It covers all those processes needed for setting and monitoring the project budget: management of costs from the project’s panning phase to the monitor of time spent by resources involved.



Enhance quality standards

Definition of the quality plan by formalizing procedures, resources and activities to be carried out for achieving the quality goals of the project and product. Breakdown of the project into phases and activities with the possibility of entering check points of the deliverables to validate compliance and go on with the project.



Improve the communication with stakeholders

Thanks to an effective communication process, project management has a strong focus on controlling costs, time and quality, this is due because problems among stakeholders could lead the project to failure. Communication management has a strategic value and it includes processes to ensure the timely and appropriate generation, collection, distribution and storage of project information. It provides critical connections among people, ideas and information that are essential to succeed.


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Corporate culture is being stressed by new paradigms that allow surprising results to be achieved in terms of design quality, costs and people involvement. The role of the integration technology between the various platforms and RuleDesigner proved to be the only solution that could guarantee the management of the company's enormous historical heritage, guaranteeing a modernization in the flows and methodologies of each individual role

Gabriele CaccinTechnical Information Systems Manager

The introduction of the No-Code approach has made it possible to activate simpler and more flexible management of the configurator. For me it was a real revolution because I went from having to depend on the supplier for any changes to implementing and testing the changes myself.

Giovanni OstacchiniTechnical Sales Manager - Koenig & Bauer

A Lean corporate management philosophy combined with the implementation of RuleDesigner®, as the company's reference information system, has allowed us to obtain complete, real-time visibility of the order status, converging towards a customer-oriented vision at the lowest cost

Operation Manager - Modulblok spaAndrea Peressi
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