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Choose RuleDesigner PDM

number 1 in Italy on the installed Solid Edge.

In Italy ond in the world, over 4,000 project managers use daily RuleDesigner with Solid Edge for product data management and PLM processes.

RuleDesigner PDM is the first and only PDM integrally based on a collaborative web platform that allows to support and automate most of the activities related to product development:

  • product data management through parametric classification
  • automatic coding of drawings and technical documents
  • strong integration with Solid Edge CAD
  • ECR and ECO workflows
  • approval and configurable workflows
  • advanced researches on drawings repository
  • regulatory archiving and data sharing with corporate functions and providers
  • BOM management
  • rename and execute automatic operations on massive lists of codes and files
  • automation procedures and configurable plugins for any need

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Protect and develop the technical know-how all along the product life-cycle.


RuleDesigner in action

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