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RuleDesigner PDM integration for EPLAN electrical and mechatronic design software.

RuleDesigner PDM is a collaborative web platform that allows to support and automate most of the activities related to product development.

The integration for EPLAN design software allows to synchronize bi-directionally the article database, numbering  articles, numbering  and classify projects from the PDM portal to EPLAN, import  bills of materials into the PDM system, run check-in and check-out operations .

Synchronization of database articles between EPLAN and RuleDesigner

Sales articles that have been downloaded will be available in the CAD system library and will also be displayed in the PDM environment.


Numbering of articles in RuleDesigner PDM and synchronization with EPLAN

The articles imported from Eplan can be numbered inside the RuleDesigner system according to the corporate numbering plan. Those articles can be also been enriched with additional attributes and information and then synchronized with Eplan.

Numering of EPLAN projects

Numbering and classification of  projects with synchronization to EPLAN.

Import BOM from EPLAN

It is possible to import the EPLAN BOM directly into RuleDesigner environment without using transfer files.

Storing design projects: Check-In and Check-Out

EPLAN project is stored in RuleDesigner with generation of both the ZW1 file (compressed project file) and the PDF automatically.

RuleDesigner allows to manager product data by providing functions for automatically numbering and classifying drawings and technical documents, configuring approval workflows, making advance searches on the repository of drawings, filing and sharing data on a rule base with corporate functions and suppliers, managing BOMs and reports, running batch operations on massive lists of part-numbers and/or files as well as automation procedures  with plugin than can been configured depending on needs.

RuleDesigner PDM can be extended with a modular logic up to embrace the processes of the global enterprise. Choose a solution that meets your current needs with no obstacles for the future.


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