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Virtual Commissioning: Advanced simulation of industrial machinery and processes with RuleDesigner

The 3D simulation of mechatronic production systems and complex material flows represents the largest reserve of efficiency in machine engineering.

Virtual Commissioning aims to test an industrial plant through a virtual prototype that verifies its behavior through a virtual 3D simulation connected to the control software. It allows to reduce commissioning times by allowing a parallelization of mechatronic design activities by aligning mechanical, electrical and software development and favoring greater design quality.

This simulation represents the basis for the Digital Twin, the method by which the copy in the virtual environment is connected to the physical system and to the executive processes to exchange useful data for diagnostics, redesign and design.

Smart design starts with 3D simulation! In this webinar we will show how to create a 3d simulation using the RuleDesigner 3D Plant Simulation solution.

The object of the webinar is the advanced simulation of industrial machinery and processes.

  • We will provide a brief overview of the context in which the need to use virtual prototyping solutions develops, the challenges to be faced and the resulting benefits.
  • We will continue highlighting the peculiarities that distinguish the solution, the company functions that can make use of it and the processes on which it impacts.
  • We will conclude the overview with the extension of the value of the RuleDesigner platform by mentioning topics such as the Digital Twin and Digital Thread.
  • We will get to the heart of this technology with a technical demo following an example operational workflow.
  • We will conclude with a question and answer session during which we will share impressions, doubts and considerations.


[the webinar recording is in italian with english subtitles]

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