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WEBINAR ON DEMAND | RuleDesigner Project & Workflow | Global product development


RuleDesigner: Project Management and Job Orders

RuleDesigner® activates close collaboration between global design teams by supporting the joint development of corporate projects.

The application of Project Management methodologies is essential to successfully deal with continuous change, with increasingly stringent deadlines, budget constraints and quality standards.

RuleDesigner® is a solution characterized by a high adaptability and transversality and therefore ideal for approaching, mapping, supporting and tracking projects relating to multiple contexts such as: Order management, Change management, Development of a new product (NPD) / service, Business Process Management, Quality System Document Management, Feasibility Studies and Quotes for Special Products, Non-Conformity Management and more.

RuleDesigner® allows you to set up a working method common to all the players involved and to provide a synthetic and updated view in real time throughout the progress.

If you want to see how the Project management tool works in the PLM context, register for our webinar.

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