PLM and process automation project for the pumps and compressors sector

Jurop has choosen RuleDesigner

RuleDesigner offers a complete response to our needs by fully supporting the activities of the Technical Office and optimizing interdepartmental communication processes. It guarantees full support for the logic of innovation and continuous improvement that has always characterized us.

Igor InfantiTechnical Director- Jurop spa


Founded in 1976, JUROP has steadily improved the range of vacuum and transfer pumps and at the same time it has developed a large manufacturing plant. Nowadays is also a leading producer of environment-protecting equipment and components, like Combination units for suction and transportation of liquid waste including hazardous ones and high pressure washing systems for industrial plants and sewer lines. The company production capacity is technologically advanced, and outstandingly effective, thanks to the experience gained over the years in various sectors, (agricultural, industrial, civil, transport).

Jurop’s presence on the national and international markets has enabled the company to acknowledge a variety of realities, thus enabling it to realize a number of versatile and specific products according to more specific, and completely different requirements. Jurop is currently present in Italy and also in more than 80 countries.


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Growing business needs

In order to improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of the company PLM processes, Jurop had the need to extend the degree of automation and integration all along the product lifecycle, including the possibility to handle the generation of PDM part-numbers and related technical documentation and to store product-related data, sharing them with both authorized departments and final customers.

Considering the new ambitious needs, it was necessary to start a software selection activity aimed at finding new PLM solutions, different from the ones already implemented. Jurop chooses RuleDesigner because it allows to achieve a high degree of efficiency throughout the product lifecycle and to ingrate the PLM world to other business processes, through a single extended platform

livello di efficienza lungo l’intero ciclo di vita del prodotto e di integrare il mondo PLM con altri processi aziendali, tramite un’unica piattaforma estesa.


Standardization and Efficiency in the PLM process

  • Production of quality documentation in compliance with company standards; real-time distribution and sharing of data and documents issued by the technical office and the departments in charge, such as Sales and Production.
  • Possibility to extend the current innovation process by integrating and optimizing other business processes with the same technology and the same approach.
  • Migration of the 3D and 2D CAD history of files with automatic conversion to Solid Edge format and import into the new PDM environment.
  • Complete PDM management of the new CAD files designed using Solid Edge including part-numbering, classification, approval and storage workflows. Possibility to consult the history of files in native format. formato nativo.

Support the process for product life-cycle management

RuleDesigner grants maximum efficiency and productivity all along the PLM process thanks to the combination of different rule-based tools aimed at managing and configuring data and processes across the enterprise. By driving external applications, these tools allow to automate both the production of 3D files (through 3D Models, Assemblies, Parts and 2D Plans) and that of documents associated to PDM part numbers (through Classification, Part- Numbering, BOM, Storage), sharing them across the company though access control.

RuleDesigner supports inter- departmental sharing and collaboration processes ensuring full traceability of all information and document produced. Thanks to the integrated Document Management system (DMS), it permits to manage any type of document with configurable workflows specific for each category. Also, it makes possible to link documents to PDM part- numbers, Projects, Products, Companies or any other entity managed by the system.

Corporate departments appointed for accessing technical data produced by the technical office can consult PDM part-numbers released, document associated and bill of materials, in real time. Customers, partners and providers as well can consult technical sheets, user guides, PDM part numbers released and related documents, which are made available automatically.

The comprehensive PLM platform, including tools for running configuration processes, is also accessible on the web. Users can log into the corporate portal from any browser by simply entering their login data. They can access the system from everywhere and by using any pc, tablet or smartphone. RuleDesigner offers working team easy-to-use and flexible social collaboration tools to share, edit and publish contents and documents in an integrated way both in PLM processes and in the extended enterprise.


The solution is extended by a modular approach

As a modular and scalable solution, RuleDesigner’s added- value is given by the possibility to enhance its use to serve the needs of numerous corporate functions including-Marketing, Job Order and Project Management, Product Data Management, Product Structure Management, Customer and Partner Relationship Management as well as Spare-parts management.

Also, RuleDesigner can create configuration processes that can be run upon the occurrence of an event or by inputs entered by users to get different type of automatisms: notifications, activity generation, project or job order status change, configuration of sales offer and configurable BOMs.

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