“Choosing RuleDesigner Configurator grants us a benefit in our global design strategy. Moreover, besides giving the company the possibility to share design guidelines on a global scale, the configurator system allows us to match the exact requirements of each customer and to respond to their demands faster and properly. This is a competitive advantage for EagleBurgmann”

Daniel FroehlichResponsabile Standardizzazione Prodotto presso EagleBurgmann Germany.

EagleBurgmann, one of the worldwide leading provider of industrial sealing technology, with more than 50 branches worldwide, chose RuleDesigner Configurator technology to automate mechanical seals customization through configuration processes.

EagleBurgmann has a global customer-oriented design strategy and several distributed engineering departments. This scenario, combined to the high configurability of mechanical seals, lead the company to strive for providing designers globally distributed with all the necessary design guidelines. So, they decided to look for a configurator system to provide a global rule-based designing process which would have helped the designers in their daily task by automating product customization and by providing them with the necessary design guidelines.

After an accurate software selection, EagleBurgmann’s technical team decided for RuleDesigner Configurator for the wide range of application possibilities in the company processes and the deep and solid integration to SolidEdge design system. RuleDesigner Configurator is used in the design department to support designers while  customizing mechanical seals as for customer’s requirements and it will be also extended to the supply system department.

The technical know-how, the investment in research and development, the technological innovative processes make EagleBurgmann a leader in its sector. By adopting RuleDesigner, Eagle Burgmann goals is to speed up design tasks by standardizing the product configuration and making the  design, the generation of data and documents related to the product completely automatic.

Assistance and support during the evaluation phase were provided by PBU CAD-Systeme GmbH, a distribution and solution partner of RuleDesigner. High-quality consulting and support are important to EagleBurgmann Germany, and PBU delivers. The cooperation with PBU was very beneficial as the staff knows the company and processes very well and regional proximity ensured a quick response to the customer demands.


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