Sales & Technical configuration of industrial enclosures

The RuleDesigner project in EXM

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CUSTOMIZATION carried out directly online

The customer, by accessing to the EXM website, can identify and customize the desired cabinet by choosing from the different options proposed by the RuleDesigner configurator. For each product family it is possible to consult a detailed technical data and proceed with the definition of customizations, in a guided mode based on rules, such as: dimensions, finishes, type of covers, hinges, materials, textures, locks. It is also possible to position accessories, like pins or inserts, using an intuitive 2D editor with drag & drop functions from the preloaded library.

GENERATION of quotations and technical documents of the customized product

The documentation is generated in real time and shared with the customer and the relevant company people. Through the reserved area with profiled access, the customer can consult the documentation obtained and carry out reviews and comparisons between multiple product variants up to the order confirmation.

Immediate RELEASE of information to the production area

Sales & Technical information are generated automatically by driving the 2D / 3D CAD design system and Microsoft Office Word and immediately put into the product life cycle management context to be promptly used by the sales and production departments.



Exm is a Canadian company that  has been producing quality enclosures for over 40 years.

Over the years, EXM has growth worldwide specializing in customized metal cabinets for a wide variety of market applications. Along with its expertise in customization,  EXM also offers over 29,000 standard products for any and all electrical requirements. It has managed to cultivate a strong core of internal engineering that has allowed it to differentiate itself from the competition. Every single part of its enclosures is designed, developed and manufactured internally with great attention to detail. Along with a solid culture of teamwork,  EXM innovates constantly in the evolving electrical industry.

This company mentality has led it to create its very own configurator software called  BOXCAD, a unique online configurator that provides the world’s best and fastest way to order custom enclosures.


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Reducing lead times from the offer to the delivery of the final product

One of the major needs the company had was that of competing against products of lower quality but very aggressive prices. The challenge, on the other hand, was to provide customers with a finished product that is completely customized and has the costs and delivery times of industrial production.

So, the company needed to optimize costs and time related to:

  • Sales dep.
  • Engineering dep.
  • Production

The BOXCAD project

The configuration process is characterized by an intuitive interaction paradigm and it is enriched with self-explanatory images that drive to user to select and define the customizable parts till the definition of the finished enclosure.

Once the configuration is ended, the customer receives the documentation containing product specifications and technical details as well as quotations requested, including possible volume discounts. When the customer confirm the order, the system automatically runs the design phase developing the 3D models of the development of the sheet metal, the bill of material and product-related documentation.

Then, the entire production cycle is scheduled till getting the finished product.

Prima dell’introduzione di RuleDesigner, la rete commerciale di Eurobex definiva direttamente con il cliente le specifiche di prodotto, i costi e i tempi di consegna.

Alla conferma d’ordine avveniva lo sviluppo del progetto tramite l’ausilio di strumenti CAD 3D con produzione del modello 3D, disegni, sviluppo lamiera, Distinta Base e documentazione tecnica. La produzione, con i dati di progetto, eseguiva la programmazione delle macchine per il taglio e lavorazione lamiere e il ciclo produttivo taglio, lavorazione, piegatura, verniciatura, assemblaggio e spedizione.

Con l’introduzione di RuleDesigner il cliente configura il prodotto desiderato in completa autonomia direttamente dal sito web di EXM.

Before introducing RuleDesigner, Eurobex’s sales network was used to de- fine product specifications, costs and delivery times directly with the customer.

At the order confirmation, the design team started the project development using 3D CAD software and generating 3D models, drawings, sheet-metal development, bill of materials (BOM) and technical documentation. The production, using the design data, defined the schedule for the machines to perform sheet metals cutting and processing operations and set up the entire production cycle: cutting , processing , bending, finishing, assembly and shipping.

By introducing RuleDesigner Configurator, customers autonomously configure their desired product on EXM web site.


With BOXCAD Exm’s customers can configure and obtain products with custom dimensions, finishes, cut-outs, components and accessories in 7 days by following 3 simple steps:

    Login-in on BOXCAD and complete your configuration
    Production starts when we receive your order
    6-8 working days prior to shipment or better
    6-8 working days prior to shipment or better


Ordering a custom enclosure can be very complicated. The design and production of special enclosure generally takes up to 5 weeks.

  • Design
  • Quotation
  • Approval workflows
  • Programming
  • Production
  • Delivery


BoxCAD encloses the entire process that goes from the customer request to the delivery of the finished product.  Its mark is the product configuration service that the company provides to customers through the web-site and which allowed EXM to implement its product customization strategy with great results.

EXM has achieved the highest level of efficiency thanks to the elimination of repeated interactions that normally characterize the design phase, the automatic development of CAD projects and the generation of complete quotations and offers.