Collaborative management of PLM processes
in the retail equipment field

ARNEG, international leader in the design, manufacture and installation of complete equipment for the retail sector, uses RuleDesigner for managing product lifecycle and requests for special products

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The high configurability of RuleDesigner allowed us to quickly implement a solution able to answer effectively to our needs. RuleDesigner has brought significant advantages in terms of time savings, better organization workload and full traceability of activities and information

Marco BizzottoIT ENGINEER - ARNEG spa

Arneg spa

Arneg is an international leader in the design, manufacture and installation of complete equipment for the retail sector.

The authentic Italian character of Arneg aims at the continuous improvement in the design and implementation of solutions ranging from glass doors, islands, refrigerated counters, to refrigeration systems, passing through the best technologies for all types of commercial applications.

The design,  R&D, metrology and measurement departments, test labs, prototype assembly areas, technology and special systems departments form the beating heart of Arneg. Each of these departments works closely with international research institutes to keep up to date with the latest scientific and technical developments.


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Business process improvement


Unified part-numbering plan

Building a unified and coherent part-numbering plan among dislocated offices and sharing of technical documents generated by different offices. Synchronization of part-numbers with the ERP AS/400. Adoption of classification modes aimed at improving the effectiveness of searches, by limiting the design of duplicated parts tanks to targeted research to be carried out before a new design project.


Management of change request

Managing activities resulting from the opening of ECRM, the traceability of the entire flow of information and notifications to appointed people.  Improving efficiency in terms of reduced time spent in this activity and introduction of a system aimed at reducing change request and, therefore, the opening of ECRM.


Project Management

Using projects to organize the work of people, distribute workload and display personal tasks with the possibility to check their relative progress status. Ability to manage project-related documents and make them accessible to all employees. Information delivered to the different offices as well as to production areas and externally to suppliers, customers and Partner.


Management of special requests

Managing  special requests (VESR), opened by customers or created form sales opportunity, associated to orders in the ERP system and marked by specific workflows.


Management of Change request (ECRM), Special Requests (VESR) and Projects.

The management of ECRM and VERS requests coming from different corporate function is performed with ticketing tools. Arneg introduced a Project Workflow management method for ECRM, VESR or New Projects. Each workflow is made up by Phases, each one characterized by several activities with start and end date, progress status and resources appointed.

By elaborating such information, it is possible to obtain statistics on the entire project: estimation of lead time for each project and relative phases, people involved, the average time spent and summarizing diagrams. The projects can be also differentiated according to typology, workflow and template.

By using tools like Diaries and Planners it has been possible to manage and to organize the workload of users and offices with the possibility to monitor the progress status of different tasks.

The documents of each project can be managed thanks to approval workflow, Full text search, Versioning, Conversion, automatic numbering.

Moreover, dynamic cards and sheets, checklist management, risks, events, linked projects, project planner, delivery of notification to  users involved, reports.

New rules have been introduced in order to automate certain actions (for example, sending emails, changing competences, assigning tasks, sending notifications to managers, etc. ) on the occurrence of  specific events ( such as, projects close to due date, opening or closing of phases, percentage of completion, status change, checkList, etc.).

Unified part-numbering plan and multi-site management

With RuleDesigner, a unified and coherent part numbering plan was implemented benefiting from the multiple configuration options available within the part-numbers card.   Also, technical documents have been classified to improve the effectiveness of searches and prevent the design of duplicated parts. Finally, RuleDesigner allowed to automate the export of part-numbers created by the technical staff to the ERP system and handle a multi-site management of technical data with replication of documents in each site.

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