Value Chain 4.0 award to Modulblok spa for the high degree of digitization achieved thanks to RuleDesigner<sup>®</sup>

The "Value Chain 4.0" award, established by the Digital Innovation HUB of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, was awarded this year to Modulblok Spa, a leading company in the Warehouse Logistics and Storage Systems sector, for the "integrated and real- time of the processes of acquisition, scheduling and management of orders” as part of the Friuli Venezia Giulia manufacturing lighthouses initiative. An ambitious innovation project made operational with RuleDesigner®, a collaborative platform for the management and automation of business processes in support of the global company.

A digital transformation path requires the application of new organizational and business management models made operational through enabling technologies, with the aim of improving efficiency and at the same time the customer experience.

Modulblok spa is well aware of this, as it has successfully implemented this vision by obtaining the “Value Chain 4.0” award and the recognition of “Friuli Venezia Giulia’s Manufacturing Lighthouse”, by the Digital Innovation Hub of Friuli Venezia Giulia.


“A Lean-type company management philosophy combined with the implementation of RuleDesigner®, as the reference information system in the company, has allowed us to obtain complete, real-time visibility of the order status, converging towards a customer-oriented vision at the lowest cost”

ha dichiarato l’ing. Andrea Peressi, Responsabile IT di Modulblok

Modulblok spa understood several years ago that an efficient and effective organization is one that passes through processes and tools organized in such a way that people can operate with the absolute certainty of achieving the result. However, this only happens if the order flow is almost trivialized in its complexity by adopting one of the principles of Lean, which requires standardizing processes after eliminating waste.
Modulblok spa ha quindi seguito un percorso di miglioramento continuo che ha visto la necessaria introduzione di tecnologie software per integrare e semplificare ogni aspetto della gestione, compresa quella degli uffici.

“In Modulblok every part of the process that can influence quality, flexibility and costs is now managed in an integrated system, which we have internally called SINT.MB., which has been able to achieve thanks to the potential of RuleDesigner ®” 

ha dichiarato Fulvio Fregonese, Direttore Operations di Modulblok spa.

“The flexibility and functional scalability of RuleDesigner® have made it possible to implement the process of digital transformation and integration with other company systems, in a gradual, organic and forward-looking way”,

continua l’Ing. Peressi

Abbiamo impiegato RuleDesigner® anche per una gestione interattiva dei flussi, la preventivazione grafica per l’area vendite, la configurazione di prodotto e la gestione del ciclo di vita del prodotto.
Tra i prossimi obiettivi di Modulblok spa vi sono l’estensione della propria piattaforma integrata con metodi innovativi per la gestione dei CRM e l’integrazione della catena logistica anche verso i fornitori.

ha poi concluso l’Ing. Peressi.

“Modulblok spa has been able to fully grasp the opportunities offered by the generative and collaborative approach of RuleDesigner® and transform them into competitive leverage. This virtuous example is a concrete testimony that rewards a digitization vision of the global company successfully conveyed through RuleDesigner®

ha dichiarato l’Ing. Gianfranco Biguzzi CEO di RuleDesigner.


RuleDesigner® is a collaborative platform for the integrated management and automation of business processes to support the global company. RuleDesigner® enables collaboration between business users by bringing transparency, flexibility to adapt to change, efficiency and consistency in the organization’s workflow. A solution that combines the structured approach of the workflow of the activities with the collaborative one of the social network, allowing to obtain a real and complete vision of the processes.

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Modulblok spa

Modulblok S.p.a has been operating in the Storage Systems sector since 1976. The experience gained on Italian and foreign markets, with thousands of companies served, place it among the leaders in Warehouse Logistics. The Pagnacco and Amaro plants (Udine – Italy) employ 150 people and have a covered area of 22,000 square meters. Ever since its establishment, Modulblok S.p.A has pursued the intention of establishing itself as an authoritative point of reference in the Warehouse Logistics sector. Our aim is to allow the customer to improve their cost position through original and innovative solutions for an organised, performing and safe warehouse.

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