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Heat exchangers configurator


RuleDesigner can be used for the complete configuration of heat exchangers. The configuration process allows you to define a customized product normalized according to company production standards, minimizing the inconveniences introduced by the human factor. The process is divided into three main phases which allow the creation of the circuit part, the realization of the carpentry, the manifolds and all the related production drawings and developments in dxf.

In addition to the creation of the 3D model, RuleDesigner is able to produce an automatic and detailed layout of all the components, which can also be subsequently integrated by the operator.

The software will produce the models in 3D, 2D and DXF format which can then be processed in several stages, maintaining any customizations applied directly by the operator on the CAD models (eg applications of holes, excavations, flaps, etc. etc.).

Implementation of the circuitry

The configurator inherits the geometry parameters to be applied to the battery from external tables, from which the type of bends and hairpins to be mounted will be determined.

Once the number of tubes, ranks and type of matrix have been defined, the circuit could be determined by predetermined rules, or by designing in the 2D environment.

2D circuitry could be imported from other sources; the system will read the vector drawing and convert it into a mathematical algorithm.

Creation of the 3D model of the circuitry and finned pack.
Assembly of Glasses, Curves and Hairpins.
Counting of the types of circuits
Production of the necessary documentation

Realization of the carpentry

  • Data entry takes place through simple steps that guide the operator in entering data
  • In addition to the geometric dimensions, it is also possible to define other processes useful for the production phase, reference markings for assembly, orientation of the collars, inlet drain holes and feasibility of the sheet metal
  • As for the circuitry, also for the carpentry it is possible to reprocess the coil by making changes to the project; the software will produce a backup copy of the previous revision
  • Thanks to the 3D geometry it is possible to check the interferences and the quality of the project in an automated way
  • The software will also carry out all sheet and dxf blanks optimized for production

Realization of the collectors

• The system highlights the list of affected circuits in the battery and allows you to determine all the characteristics of the various collectors that can be combined

• A list of all the types of raw material used will be produced, with the relative cutting lists, for the purposes of the production process.

Realization of executive drawings

• The system creates the drafting of the project by creating both the tables of the assembly and of the individual components with the related sheet metal developments

• The type of table can be customized using a template and those created can be modified and customized

• Any changes made to the project through the configuration system will be compatible with the customizations introduced by the user

• The software also produces all dxf formats with level mapping, line styles and colors based on the required standard


One global and modular approach


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