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Collaborative and global product development


The product development across different phases and people need to collaborate freely and without any obstacles like a team during the project phase. 

Often the type of collaboration during the project is characterised by very informal relations and the email is the most common tool for this type of communications, thanks to its ease of use and spread.

The e-mail is not the most efficient way to collaborate because it is clearly inefficient when you work with CAD system. It is not possible to use attachments risking to lose the communication contest.

During the following phases of the product development, the organization among people become more complex because  different company functions need to be involved in the approval and change processes.

PDM and PLM are the tools that ensure coordination, collaboration, traceability and sharing of information in a structured way.

The workflow implementation with such of solutions, from one side it satisfies the need to manage activities to attribute to people or automation tools, on the other side it simplifies tasks making the organization and the progress visible and clear.

RuleDesigner is the perfect tool to support product development processes where the project team operate in a collaborative way even participating from different geographic areas. The support to the product development comes through collaboration tools, storage and sharing of the company data and ability to process automation.

RuleDesigner allows to activate an integrated project management by facilitating the allocation of tasks to different teams and geographically dislocated, as well as the control of the progress status in real-time.

Furthermore, by tracking all the information generated from the initial phase of concept to its realization, with RuleDesigner you can share product development projects by involving functions such as marketing, design, production, technical assistance, customers and suppliers. 




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