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WEBINAR ON DEMAND | RuleDesigner Aftersales | Service management


Service Aftersales Portal

The management of the service with an integrated digital portal dedicated to customers in a B2B context.

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The extension of after-sales services as a complement to the sale of products is one of the key factors for growth.

After-sales can include a wide range of services, such as maintenance, extended warranty or replacement of spare parts.
In terms of supporting the customer base, some of the challenges that manufacturing companies face are:

  • Expectations of B2B users as in B2C
  • Digitization and disruptive technologies that change business models
  • Mature products that tend to equal each other, sharpening competition
  • Complex and customized products that make after-sales support difficult

In this context, the RuleDesigner enterprise collaborative platform comes into play.
It is able to integrate Customer – Customer service – Sales – Product area by creating a “digital thread” through which to extend sales processes, improve product quality, provide assistance services and consolidate long-term relationships.

A digital portal dedicated to customers, closely integrated with internal functions and processes, allows you to:

  • improve sales processes by creating recurring profit streams
  • respond promptly to specific needs with personalized offers
  • achieve continuous product improvement thanks to effective traceability of non-conformities
  • create a distinctive value compared to the competition by implementing “servitization” strategies

If you need to restructure, digitize or simply improve your after-sales processes, follow our webinars dedicated to the world of service!

In this appointment we will focus on the flow that goes from non-compliance ticketing, ECR / ECO, contract and warranty management, up to the planning of the technical intervention.

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