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WEBINAR ON DEMAND | RuleDesigner Spare parts | Service management


RuleDesigner: The service with an integrated digital portal dedicated to spare parts management

FOCUS ON: Catalogs generation and profiled web spare parts portal

The extension of after-sales services as a complement to the sale of products is one of the key factors for growth and for the creation of distinctive value.

In this context, the RuleDesigner enterprise collaborative platform comes into play.
It is able to integrate Customer – Customer service – Sales – Product area by creating a “digital thread” through which to extend sales processes, improve product quality, provide assistance services and consolidate long-term relationships.

The webinar will address the following topics:

  • Automatic generation of interactive catalogs from CAD system
  • Profiled spare parts portal with access for Customer Service, Distributors or Customers
  • Product sheet and customer data
  • Graphic navigation of spare parts list
  • Sharing of the documentation supplied with the product / spare parts
  • E-commerce functions for forwarding purchase orders

If you need to restructure, digitize or simply improve your after-sales processes, follow our webinars dedicated to the world of service!

In this appointment we focused on the generation of 3D geometries for the web starting from the CAD system and on the graphic navigation of the product lists for the purpose of replacing spare parts through a web portal with profiled access.

[the webinar is in italian language with english subtitles]

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