Job orders, service and purchase request management

The RuleDesigner project in Comecer spa

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We have chosen RuleDesigner because we liked the idea to start gradually and to extend the application areas thanks to native integrated modules. We have implemented RuleDesigner since 6/7 months and we have just realized how quickly and easy is to search for joborders data. It is so efficient that there is no proper way to describe it. It is so efficient that there is no proper way to describe it

Matteo LostumboIT Manager, COMECER spa


Comecer (Costruzioni Meccaniche Certificate ) is a world leader in protection technologies in nuclear medicine, in isolation technology and nuclear power plant equipment. Comecer produces screening systems and equipment for special applications, designed for large industrial groups and research organizations. The Company works for hospitals, universities and pharmaceutical companies on tailored projects for the production of isolators for the treatment of toxic and hazardous substances. For nuclear power plants Comecer makes equipment for the processing, decommissioning and disposal of radioactive substances.

Logo Comecer

Via Maestri del Lavoro, 90
48014 Castel Bolognese (RA) Italy
Sito Web:


Growing business needs

With production sites in Castel Bolognese and subsidiaries in Miami (USA) and Mumbai (India), Comecer markets its products in over 100 countries worldwide through a direct sales network and through partnerships with some of the largest producers both in Italy and abroad.

Comecer has always pursued customer satisfaction, flexibility and innovation with a strong focus on quality and continuous improvement. As regards the company internal processes, Comecer run specific action plans aimed at creating a centralized knowledge base and achieving maximum efficiency both in workflow management and activities coordination.

  • Create a global document repository with regulated and controlled access system
  • Coordinate, support and automate job orders’ workflows
  • Active participation of corporate stakeholder in business flows of their areas of expertise.

RuleDesigner, a single integrated solution

Comecer chose RuleDesigner technology for its winning formula of integrated platform extended enterprise-focused.

Indeed, RuleDesigner is able to federate data generated within the enterprise management system and to map workflows required to support ,on the one hand, coordination and development of daily activities and, on the other hand, a structured storage of data and documents with full traceability.

Since RuleDesigner is a flexible tool, Comecer has been able to implement the proper corporate workflows in one single integrated platform, with no compromise.


Job orders management

Job orders created within the ERP system are automatically synchronized with RuleDesigner platform in order to enter them in the right organizational and informative workflow management, till their completion.

Each project-type is characterized by specific Workflows, Phases, Managers and Resources involved. After one year of using RuleDesigner technology, different Project types have already been created and entered into the system, including Job Orders, Production, Spare-parts, R&D, Trade Shows, Offers, Warranties, Maintenances and After-sales.

Each job order calls for the involvement of several corporate departments which carry out different tasks related to Back-office, Feasibility, Design, Production, Documentation, Quality, Delivery, Deployment/Test until the Billing. Also, along the workflow check activities have been set in order to monitor and control the process development.

By using RuleDesigner PDM system, engineers link part-numbers to job orders making them available to any user in charge of the consultation of product ‘s layout and sheet. Users can access job order-related information directly from their Myhome and manage the progress of the flow of their activities. Area Managers, under supervision of Project managers, are called into the project’s development steps to store documentation generated and enter data under their control such as Targets, Forecast and Quotations.

This way, RuleDesigner manages automatic events and exports data to external systems responsible for analysis. Thanks to RuleDesigner, today Comecer can benefit from having job order’s-related information on one single dashboard.

Esempio Commessa Comecer

Project managers are able to monitor the progress of job orders under their control wherever they are.

Document Management

Creation of a federative global document repository. During the first step of the project, the history of files was imported from the server where files were stored into RuleDesigner and classification rules were applied according to the customer requests. Once the system went live, any definitive business document was stored in RuleDesigner document management system, whether manuals, certification, documents related to job orders or created in different external systems, such as the ERP.

The archive can be filled in different ways:

Manually data are entered directly by the user
Automatically through the synchronization with the enterprise management system (AS400)
Each time a new document is created within the ERP system (invoices, delivery notes, production orders, subcontracting, etc.) RuleDesigner automatically classifies and stores it in the centralized repository (the file is also linked to entities such as customer and job orders)..

Company Information Board

A new channel for distributing and sharing business information has been activated. The board represents the knowledge base of contents and documents always updated to the latest version.

They can be consulted by users from their own portal, at any time.

Finally, Comecer has arranged big screen with internet connection next to the Coffee corner, in order to share information more effectively.

In Comecer, both the Management and Managers handle all the requests under their competence in one click

Purchase Request Management

Introduction of the Purchase Order Requests workflow management based on the company “spending power” and on the organizational chart.
With RuleDesigner it was feasible to map the company organizational chart with groups and sub-groups.
It was then practical to define approval workflows running different approvallevels on the basis of budgets configured per role.
Based on the above-mentioned rules set, the approval workflow scales from the Functional Manager to the Management.
Purchase Order Requests can be opened in two different modes:
• Manually, directly in RuleDesigner platform by those users who have not access to the company ERP system (for example, external partners and subsidiaries);
• Automatically, through the synchronization of purchase requests created within the ERP system.
The user request runs notifications on the basis of the approval workflow previously defined within the organizational chart. Each user can consult purchasing requests under his own competence and relative development flow directly from his Myhome.
It is possible to approve or refuse a request by using RuleDesigner platform or through specific email notifications.
Once a request has been definitively approved, RuleDesigner runs the synchronization with the external system appointed for managing the process until its fulfillment.


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