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RuleDesigner PDM/PLM

Global Product Data Management

The web-based PDM solution, which enables the use in smart working, integrated with the most popular 2D / 3D CAD design systems and scalable at an enterprise level.



Manufacturing companies face the need to manage, control and share several amounts of data.

Collaborative management aims to speed up and promote the spreading and sharing of corporate information, improving coordination, speed and feedback capture.

The sharing of information among all the actors involved in Product Lifecycle Management processes, become a key factor for succeeding.

Project workflow

Verify the advanced status at one glance.

Design companies that focus their work exclusively on projects, have the need to track and monitor the progress of their projects and job orders, coordinating also the activities of the technical office. In this scenario, it is crucial the concept of “process” made up of activities, resources and phases that follow workflows and that have variants, deadlines, etc... It is essential that these entities are created, organized, managed and monitored through a Product Technical Data management system along with Project Management functionalities such as RuleDesigner. RuleDesigner , a flexible system that easily adapt itself to changing scenarios, allows to configure workflows to automate tasks an approval workflows, making possible to define managers, access to data and implement automatic notifications. Building workflows brings great advantage since they promotes adherence to company best-practices and information that is always up to date and accurate.

Gestione progetti ruledesigner
Gestione progetti

Optimized BOM Management

Sharing information on role-based permissions

In order to serve the needs of the different corporate functions, BOMs must meet different requirements in terms of composition and output format RuleDesigner allows to; quickly get the BOM directly from the CAD assemblies or external resources and modify them by adding, removing or moving the components; to produce different BOM views (Technical, production, sales) based on the user’s need; to create reports in numerous formats; and to send information to external systems. Tracking change and comparing them with previous revisions contribute to the optimization of information management.

Document Management

Product documentation and technical folders

The new machinery directive requires manufactures to draw up and keep specific documentation to demonstrate the compliance of the machines produced. According to the directive, manufacturers need to justify technical choices in case of requests by monitoring bodies and they have to adopt tools aimed at managing documents for the entire period established by law (10 years since the launch of the product on the market). RuleDesigner, by managing the entire information workflow of the technical folder, with workflows, phases, appointed functions and managers, allows to also involve and collaborate with those functions that administrate documents and quality issues.

Collaboration among multiple design offices

Updated Worldwide team in real time

Organizations that operate worldwide need to manage the synchronization of technical data in order to provide a correct and updated sharing of information and adhesion to the corporate best practices. RuleDesigner PDM, with a multi-site management of technical data, implements synchronization rules with the possibility to customize them according to different degrees of visibility of the DB and with the possibility to allow or deny the synchronization of singles or a range of codes.

Collaboration with the Sales Area

During the offer phase, the sales staff needs to consult technical data related to one or more products such as product data sheets, documents, forms and more. Also, for orders coming from sales deals, the sales staff needs to monitor the status of their projects and job orders. RuleDesigner, combined with Product Structure and Project Management capabilities, supports presales and aftersales activities, promoting collaboration and sharing of configurable, account-based information via web.

Collaboration with production

At the end of the approval cycles for the release of the technical data, the Production area must consult the BOM to define the composition of the finished product and the different levels of entities. Also, It has to be able to forward change requests to the Technical Office before the production. RuleDesigner, combined with Product Structure, supports the presales and aftersales activities, promoting collaboration and sharing of configurable, account-based information via web.

Collaboration with suppliers

Optimize the relationships with your own providers means working in a partnership, preserving strong relationships with a view to collaborative innovation. From an operational point of view, RuleDesigner allows to cope with such a challenge by easily sharing technical information needed for the creation of products and by activating a close collaboration through management and traceability of discussion threads on products or projects.

Reuse of Technical data

Elimination of redundancy and inefficiencies

In order to eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies in the management of technical product information, it is necessary a system that allows the reuse of Product Technical Data.

RuleDesigner speeds up and facilitates data retrieval by simplifying data reuse. Thanks to configurable classification rules that assign specific attributes to a component or assembly, it is possible to uniquely identify information and organize them efficiently.

Powerful parametric research tools ensure the immediate retrieval of information with results returned in different formats for each type of purpose.

Automation of activities

Often, designer spend their daily time in performing repetitive tasks that do not generate value but require lots of efforts in terms of time.. At the end of a project, who does not have to prepare the print, the conversion, the publication in pdf or other part or the whole project? How long these activities require? RuleDesigner can automatically perform all these batch repetitive operations allowing project managers to optimize their time and to the company their resources.


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