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  • Parametric Classification
  • Automatic composition of the PDM part based on customized numbering rules
  • Driven insert of the correct attributes to encode components, assemblies and files
  • Automatic generation of descriptions through sequence of attributes
  • Automatic check of existing codes and duplicated descriptions
  • Management of external information (ex. retrieve ERP data)
  • Configurable actions on PDM part-numbers and files
  • Approval workflow with traceability of versions and revisions
  • Functions to control access to the DB of drawings
  • Configurable procedures for the execution of automatic operations on part-numbers
  • Notification management when the code status changes
  • Automatic production of PDF, PDF 3D, DXF and DWG when the code status changes
  • Revision Management

Classification and numbering plans with specific approval workflow

2D/3D CAD Integration

  • Automatic update of file properties
  • Automatic title block update
  • Automatically rename files and update CAD links
  • Automatic conversions to various formats along the approval workflow
  • Automatic BOM generation from CAD
  • Archiving technical data
  • Management of drawings and product documents
  • Management of history files with Start & Go functions
  • Project stakeholders
  • CAD project archive

Archiving technical data

Document Management

  • Documents importation
  • Template-based document generation
  • Classification
  • Folder Management
  • Automatically e-mail storage
  • Workflow
  • Sharing
  • Distribution
  • Chart and lists of distribution
  • Advanced searches
  • Revisions
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
  • Document Logs
  • Notes and Messaging tools
  • Document boards
  • Synchronizations with company applications in use
  • Team work coordination
  • Job Order Folders
  • Product documentation
  • Document Configurator
  • Document Management
  • Automatic BOMs derivation from CAD assemblies
  • Bom derivation from applications such as: ERP, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Database
  • Tools for creation, modification and consultation of BOM
  • Multiple BOM views
  • Configuration and saving BOM reports with export in text format, MSFT Excel
  • BOM synchronization with external systems
  • Advanced tools for BOM comparison
  • Archives / Extract drawings from BOM
  • BOM Configuration Management
  • Rule-based process automation with BOM, pdm part-numbers and drawings
  • Analysis and BOM classification
  • Change management

Bom management environment

Integrations and synchronizations with ERP systems

  • Transfer data part numbers
  • Import / Export BOMs
  • Accurate data store queries
  • Custom synchronizations
  • Configuration / automation processes for advanced synchronization
  • Product serial number
  • Product/services catalogues
  • Product organization for families, subfamilies and categories
    Multiple price lists support
  • Structure product and spare-parts management
  • Contracts and warranties management
  • Service and Ticket Management
  • Product documents management
  • Product/ service columns
  • Securities for access in consultation / modification of data
  • Report and Statistics
  • Section

Product Configuration Management

Collaboration and sharing of the company functions

  • Publication of part-numbers, BOMs and drawings released towards the business functions in the project process.
  • Sharing PDM data in consultation based on the role and on the function of the company
  • Browse assembly structure
  • Direct display of 2D and 3D pdf files
  • Research tools with custom control-access
  • Export of research results in different formats
  • Publication of part-numbers and drawings associated to suppliers
  • Automatic notification to the supplier for any new part-number revision
  • BOM drawings publication
  • Sharing of order information and tools for the active participation to the company workflows
  • Chatting tools connected to part-numbers and orders for a close collaboration
  • Boards with the latest drawings released and not yet displayed
  • Publication of technical documentation with the PDM part- numbers
  • Log access traceability to the system and successful consultation for each individual file
  • Possibility for the provider to download the zip file of the drawing BOM

Portal for suppliers

Global project team management

  • Multi-site collaborative PDM management supporting DB replication
  • Replication schedules /on demand files
  • Technical data synchronization with custom regulations
  • Visibility filters/ synchronizations of data
  • Automatic localization of the application and the values of the PDM attributes
  • Localized prints


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