RuleDesigner PDM/PLM

Global Product Data Management

The web-based PDM solution, which enables the use in smart working, integrated with the most popular 2D / 3D CAD design systems and scalable at an enterprise level.



Classification and numbering plans with specific approval workflow

An environment for parametric classification is available and it is provided with tools that drive the user toward the proper entering of attributes with ability to generate compound descriptions and to recognize the belonging to morpho-dimensional technological codes. Multiple code layouts can be defined and specific PDM codes approval workflows can be configured.

Documents importation

RuleDesigner allows to import and store files and documents in any format. It is possible to import them individually or in batch mode with the possibility to classify them later on. Also, files and documents can be retrieved by different sources in automatic or schedule mode. Finally, the storage of documents can take place directly by other applications or web services.

Template-based document generation

It is possible to create documents starting from template by parameterizing the attributes within the document itself.


Each archived document can be classified according to specific configurable “document classes”. The documents can be related to different entities managed by RuleDesigner, such as Companies, People, Products, Projects, PDM Part numbers, Offers, Orders , etc.

For each category, it is possible to define the security levels to determine the group of people enable to access or edit the documents of this category. It is also possible to specify customized security for each document. Ability to define classification attributes for each type of document.

The dynamic and configurable properties can be connected to each other by defining their relations with a rule-based logic.

Folder Management

The module allows users to organize the documents stored in virtual folders. The documents in the folder can be imported from the file system simply by drag & drop, just dragging individual documents or the entire folder into the system. The creation of new documents (text, spreadsheets or presentations) can take place starting from a customized model.

Automatically e-mail storage

One of the main aspects and benefits of tracking information is linked to mail management. The most important communications and exchange of documents take place via mail. RuleDesigner is able to track and intercept all sent/received emails, to check their content and to store them as a document.  Furthermore, there is no need to change mail server or client.


For each document category, it is possible to define a specific approval process and intermediate authorization levels up to distribution and sharing. The approval requests are notified in real time to the interested people/figures that can operate on the workflow in mobility.


Sharing of documents can take place with single company collaborators or groups based on rules and functions covered. Sharing can also take place with users outside the company based on their classification (customers, vendors or resellers) who can view all the related documentation by accessing to portals.


Documents in progress can be assigned automatically by the system to specific users through their personal Myhome or system notifications.

Chart and lists of distribution

RuleDesigner allows to define the company chart with roles and functions for each collaborator and then manage distribution lists to notify changes on documents.

Advanced searches

There are different ways to search for stored documents: by attributes, by free search or by graphically browsing logical folders. Documents can be quickly identified by configuring custom search profiles. The results can be seen as a list or a document thumbnail.


Document review functions are available to keep track of changes over time and make it possible to consult all revisions of the document and details of all the actions carried out by users on the document itself.

Integration with Microsoft Office

Integration with Microsoft Office allows to create and edit documents directly from the Word or Excel environment , running check-in or check out operations with optimization functions while transferring files.

Document Logs

For each document, traceability of all actions performed for each revision is maintained by users (consultation, modification or revision) both internal and external.

Notes and Messaging tools

Ability to insert notes in documents and using chat integrated tools to contextualize discussion threads.

Document boards

Classification allows to organize documents in gadgets to create custom user pages.

Synchronizations with company applications in use

Possibility to activate synchronizations with company applications to retrieve, update or delete documents, sharing them through a single integrated portal and updated in real time.

Team work coordination

Through the project management environment it is possible to coordinate activities of a working group to create technical folders or other documents that require the participation of different business functions.

Job Order Folders

By integrating the management of document to that of projects and job order, it is possible to provide a quick and secure consultation of the document heritage, drastically reduce both lead times and release of technical documentation (Product Requirements, Project Specifications, Work Package); all of this is integrated to the global collaborative process management.

Product documentation

By integrating the documents within the PLM system, it is possible to collect and share all the product documentation all along its lifecycle with collaborators or company stakeholders.

Document Configurator

Configuration processes can be applied to documents for the automatic generation of technical files, manuals, assembly instructions, catalogs or price lists in one standard and homogeneous mode. RuleDesigner Configurator can produce multiple document output formats (Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign, pdf and html) and store them automatically in the document manager.

Document Management

RuleDesigner provides a modular integrated and cross-functional environment, dedicated to the management of business documents. A wide range of functionalities and high configurability guarantee perfect adhesion to company processes. The document management module supports the processes of creating, updating and archiving files in an organized and integrated corporate repository.

Archiving technical data

The collection and management of data with RuleDesigner, offers a unique and complete vision of CAD project that can be customized, based on best-practice and shared along the organization.

Management of drawings and product documents

RuleDesigner provides a management and archiving system for all documentation to the product. It allows to acquire, produce, classify, archive, protect, search and share documents in any format with advanced tools such as: approval workflow, security, notifications and full text searches.

Management of history files with Start & Go functions

These tools allow to create an index of drawings within the database, thus making it possible to manage the numbering of projects, to create relationships between files, to insert and update file properties. Moreover, thanks to automatic generation of a detailed report about the storage, potential problems like broken links, duplicated file and properties would be clearly visible.

By optimizing the file storage, it becomes possible to put together analogous files, to assign part-numbers and to connect files on the basis of properties. The drawings storage will be immediately protected thanks to a customized access to CAD projects and design teams will be able to continue their activities with any interruptions.


Project stakeholders

RuleDesigner allows to define the project stakeholders, this means people and organizations actively involved in a project or whose interests can be influenced by the execution or completion of the project (Project manager, Client, Executive Organization, Sponsor). Moreover, it is possible for each order to ensure the access to the information and to the status of progress in a secure way because it has a controlled access about the information of each user determined by the role or by the organization of membership. It has a clear mode because the information are organized by project and context phase.


CAD project archive

The repository of technical drawings is centralized and structured in folders. Files can be archived and updated in different ways: bidirectional shifting of the files from the protected archive to the local folder, which is useful in cases of non-performing the network connections, or for updates made without shifting files to eliminate the extraction times and the storage. It is available an additional vaulting mode that makes the technical repository inaccessible. Whenever there is the need to operate on a file, a copy will be created in the local cache. This feature, which joins the traditional vaulting mode, meet the security needs and the user control access. RuleDesigner always keeps the connection of the CAD files physical links in the archiving and in the extraction processes.

Bom management environment

The accurate bom management is an essential prerequisite for the progress of the workflows along the product lifecyle. RuleDesigner allows to create and manipulate BOMs (Bills of materials) in different formats and views coming from the CAD systems or other external sources. RuleDesigner offers several tools that make the management of BOM information more efficient, allowing you to create different views and automatically export reports in different formats and directly to ERP systems.

Starting from the existing CAD file structure, the bom update take place simultaneously to the development of the CAD model, this eliminates the manual updates needed for the spreadsheet. It allows to have flexibility to use bom data in the most productive and efficient way.

BOM management  with 2D and 3D CAD assemblies functions or with external sources such as ERP, spreadsheets and databases. Comparison functions among different lists and production of different views for each part number. Creation of reports in several formats (xls, html, txt ..) with the possibility of transferring information to external systems.

Integrations and synchronizations with ERP systems

It is possible to synchronize technical data bidirectionally in RuleDesigner with ERP/MRP external systems.

Synchronization with part-numbers, attributes, drawings and BOMs.

Automatic generation of new PDM part numbers coming from ERP requests.

Product serial number

Each product has a single information panel where you can consult multimedia contents, information about the components structure, the attached documents, pdm part-numbers, contracts, warranties, offers, orders, customers, activities, tickets, reports, projects.

Product/services catalogues

Possibility to display the informative sheets of the products in consultation: structure of the components, warranties and active contracts, tickets, product certifications, technical files, manuals, videos. It is possible to associate an unlimited number of files (pdf, doc, xls, dwg, dxf, mov, vmw, etc.) to machines that constitute the catalog.

Multiple price lists support

Multi- price lists management to attribute different conditions based on the country, purchase volumes or sector.

Structure product and spare-parts management

The product structure represents the list of parts and sub-parts that constitute the product at the time of the serial number / sales to the customer. This allows to trace the exact configuration of the product owned by each specific customer for the use of the service.

Contracts and warranties management

Integrated tools for the management of service and warranty contracts issued by the costumer and linked to the part-number.

Service and Ticket Management

For each product/ serial-number it is possible to manage and track ticket/report in the service environment.

Product documents management

The product sheet is the repository of all the documents collected in the PLM workflow, grouped and shared with users and corporate departments.

Product/ service columns

The search for products and serial numbers is supported by pages that allow to use multiple attributes and research parameters. In few seconds the customer service is able to trace the exact configuration of the product used by the customer.

Securities for access in consultation / modification of data

It is possible to assign access rules in consultation or updating product information based on the company organization chart.

Report and Statistics

It is possible to monitor the progress of the team work’s activities or other product information through configurable and fast consultation dashboards with statistics, graphs and data updated in real time.

Product Configuration Management

Portal for suppliers

Optimizing the relationship with your providers means working in a partnership, with strong and consolidates relations in a collaborative way.

RuleDesigner is a web portal that allows to manage the relationships with supplier form an operative point of view. It allows to share all the information in a simple way, needed for the realization of products and to activate a close collaboration through the management and traceability of discussion threads on products or projects.

With RuleDesigner the supplier becomes part of the technical team with a direct involvement in technical issues and progress of orders

Global project team management

Multi-site collaborative PDM management supporting DB replication

Management of multiple design sites. Multi-site synchronization rules are configured with different levels of storage visibility. Ability to allow or deny synchronization of individual part-numbers, range of part-numbers related to a product structure or regular expression.

Replication schedules /on demand files

With this option, the performance in a multi-site system can be comparable to those of a normal PDM management in one site.

Automatic localization of the application and the values of the PDM attributes

Multilingual management of attributes and values of personal data, in title blocks and in the consultation area


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