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Choosing the Best Project Management Software: The Added Value of Integration with PLM, CRM and Product Configurator

Choosing the Best Project Management Software: The Added Value of Integration with PLM, CRM and Product Configurator

In the contemporary business environment, efficiency is the key to success. The adoption of digitalization tools, the implementation of Smart Working and the “on time” approach to production have become essential to maintain competitiveness. From this perspective, project management software plays a vital role, enabling organizations to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of teamwork. But what makes a project management solution truly advanced?

Essential Capabilities: Planning, Coordination and Analysis

Superior project management software features a number of key features. These platforms support organizations in planning, coordinating and analyzing project activities. This approach allows you to precisely identify what works in your processes and what needs improvement. However, the real difference comes when this software integrates Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and adopts rule-based automation.

Integration with PLM: Consistency, Traceability and Management of Order Flows

Integration with PLM, an acronym for Product Lifecycle Management, plays a key role in managing the entire life cycle of the product, from the conception phase to production and beyond, as it allows you to manage order flows more efficiently . In a complex production context, where products require customization and in-depth feasibility analyses, this synergy offers tighter control over every aspect of order projects.

Organizations can gain a global view of projects and products, improving quality and effectiveness. Furthermore, the management of order flows becomes more fluid and efficient, since project management software is able to synchronize design and production activities with specific customer requirements. This leads to greater customer satisfaction and reduced delivery times.

In summary, the integration between PLM and project management software not only offers consistency and traceability, but also improves job flow management. This tandem is crucial for companies operating in industries where product customization and rigorous project management are critical to success. Investing in this advanced solution is a strategic step to remain competitive in an ever-evolving market.

Integration with CRM and Product Configurator: Optimized Sales Flows

Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and product configurator further expands the value of project management software. This combination allows companies to manage complex projects related to the sale of personalized and tailor-made products.

A CRM allows you to track customer interactions, contact information and sales opportunities. The product configurator, on the other hand, allows you to create customized offers, taking into account specific customer needs and available options.

This approach is particularly relevant for complex products that require feasibility studies and customizations. The integration between these three platforms – Project Management, CRM and product configurator – guarantees more effective management of sales and projects, providing a significant competitive advantage.

Rule-Based Automation: Optimization and Agility

Another standout feature is rule-based automation. This engine allows you to automate processes based on predefined rules. For example, when a project phase reaches a critical deadline, the system can generate notifications and trigger corrective actions without human intervention. Automation reduces administrative workload and increases efficiency, allowing staff to focus on higher value-added tasks. It also reduces the risk of human error and promotes agility across the entire product lifecycle.

Tangible Benefits: Time and Cost Savings

Integration with PLM, CRM and product configurator, combined with rule-based automation, brings tangible benefits. Organizations save time, eliminate unnecessary costs and improve the quality of products and processes. Additionally, coordination between sales and projects becomes smoother, allowing companies to deliver customized solutions more efficiently.

In summary, project management software reaches its maximum potential when it is part of a portfolio integrated with PLM, CRM and product configurator and has a rule-based engine. This combination of advanced tools offers significant benefits, improving the efficiency, consistency and quality of business processes. Investing in an advanced project management solution is a strategic decision for companies aiming to maintain their competitiveness in the ever-changing environment of the business world.


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Corporate culture is being stressed by new paradigms that allow surprising results to be achieved in terms of design quality, costs and people involvement. The role of the integration technology between the various platforms and RuleDesigner proved to be the only solution that could guarantee the management of the company's enormous historical heritage, guaranteeing a modernization in the flows and methodologies of each individual role

Gabriele CaccinTechnical Information Systems Manager

The introduction of the No-Code approach has made it possible to activate simpler and more flexible management of the configurator. For me it was a real revolution because I went from having to depend on the supplier for any changes to implementing and testing the changes myself.

Giovanni OstacchiniTechnical Sales Manager - Koenig & Bauer

A Lean corporate management philosophy combined with the implementation of RuleDesigner®, as the company's reference information system, has allowed us to obtain complete, real-time visibility of the order status, converging towards a customer-oriented vision at the lowest cost

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