Configuration of lifting system and material handling equipment

Movomech AB implementation project

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The Swedish company Movomech AB – one of the world’s leaders in the area of  lifting technology and material handling equipment – choose RuleDesigner to automate the entire sales process.

Movomech was able to increase profitability by reducing working time by 85% and maximize the quality of the services ensuring accurate and prompt generation of quotations and allowing sales to work on quotes without involving engineering.

The process allows to configure lifting systems by automating the entire sales process with a time reduction of the 85% and the guarantee of a high quality service.

The idea was to provide a simple and intuitive user experience. Now the information workflow is completely automated. Salesmen do not have the need to involve the engineering department, but can generate quotes in real time while at the customer site. Furthermore, we have reduced working time by 85% and maximized the quality of services ensuring accurate and prompt generation of quotations.

Karin Domeijproject manager - Movomech AB

Movomech AB

With headquarters in Kristianstand, Movomech AB offers innovative products and solutions in the field of lifting technology and handling materials equipment.

All Movomech AB products are developed in Kristianstand departments.

Movomech AB develops and manufactures a wide range of lifting products – from a first-class crane system in aluminium to complete material handling solutions with advanced lifting manipulators and tailor-made gripping tools.

Thanks to a network of suppliers and to the collaboration with the Sunnex Group sales channel, Movomech is represented all over the world.

logo Movomech AB

Kabelvägen 9, SE-291 62 Kristianstad
Sito Web:


A Configurator for the sales area

The system guides the user throughout the product configuration process:

  • By entering the rail system load, a list of options are shown to the user in order to sort it out the proper product configuration options.
  • Thus, the system retrieves the information from Inventor, the 3D CAD system in use at Movomech, and generates the rail system 3D model.
  • At the end of the configuration, the bill of materials (BOM) is automatically generated and saved in the database.

The integration with ERP was crucial as well. As a metter of fact, RuleDesigner Configurator was set up to generates sales offer importing prices from the ERP. Then, once the customer accepts the offer,  the configuration system automatically sent the information to the warehouse where the components are stocked. At this point, the selected components are picked-up and delivered to the customer.

Salesman all over the world are now able to provide customers with the right configuration of the rail system together with 3D models and quotations.

A Configurator for customers

RuleDesigner configuration service offered by Movomech is also available on the company web site, in the Econfig tab.

Users can access to such service by logging in with their account details and they are guided along the different steps of the configuration process till the generation of the quotation.

RuleDesigner configurator gave the possibility to  Movomech to model the company processes autonomously, according to their  needs, and gain efficiency along the sales process with an added-value service both to salesmen and users.

The configurator allows to automate the sales process workflow and the customer receives the offer and the 3D product models in real time. We reduced the worthless passages and optimized the resources involved.

Göran NilssonProject manager Movomech AB


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