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Sales configurator for sales support


The sales configurator is a solution that supports the sales team in creating daily quotes for complex and highly customized products. The configurator ensures that the offers comply with all the product configuration and price lists.

Ruledesigner allows to incorporate the rules relating to different knowledge domains: sales, design, engineering, quality and service, reducing the quotation time and improving the accuracy of  proposals. It is a technological tool in which the sales teams manage their business opportunities with an automation methodology that has an impact on the speed and on the accuracy in the development, offers and contracts of the product configuration. 

The use of RuleDesigner for the quotation of different types of products offers several advantages. Users work with complete, correct and update information and this is due because RuleDesigner is able to be integrated with any business solution. The results achieved by the configurations are automatically archived and accessible at any time and from any location through the web access.

RuleDesigner is a powerful tool with a simple and intuitive interface designed to make sales managers autonomous/indipendent and operational in short time. The configurator incorporates the rules system and the company know-how to guide users towards choices of options, prices and constraints that lead to formally correct results.

RuleDesigner allows to interactively capture customer requirements during meetings and conferences by providing an immediate feedback of the possible configurations, options and prices.

RuleDesigner sales configurator is a tool that improves the process efficiency because based on rules, it ensures that the information collected by the customer are correct and complete for all the phases of the sales process.

It is possible to have correct quotation full of contents and technical information such as BOM, product structure or CAD designs automatically. The automatic validation of information during the quotation process ensures to the purchase, technical and production departments that the orders are complete and correct to the purchase. This means that when a customer approves the offer, it can be turned into an order that has already included all it takes to start its production or its realization.

The elimination of reiterations reduce the lead time and the costs. Those often become necessary after the purchase order for incorrect or incomplete information.

With RuleDesigner  configurator and its enterprise collaborative platform, it is possible to incorporate in the configuration processes a logic of definition and automation of structured workflow. 

This allows to take the advantage of the configurator even in contexts of product which are partially configurable by the automation and the standardization of the process which requires the involvement of more departments. 

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