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RIRI Group

RIRI is the holding company of a group made up of Riri, a Switzerland-based company leader in the production of metal zippers for fashion and luxury apparel and bags; Cobrax, a worldwide leader in the production of high quality metal buttons for fashion and luxury apparel and bags; and Meras, producing metal, nylon and plastic zippers for fashion and luxury apparel and bags.

The headquarter is located in Mendrisio, Switzerland. The group operates in three production plants, two of them produce zippers in Mendrisio and Tirano (Sondrio)  whereas the third one produces metal buttons in Padua. Also, several commercial subsidiaries are located in Italy, France, USA, China and Hong Kong.



Via al Gas, 3 CH-6850 Mendrisio (Svizzera)

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Company peculiarities

RIRI is the result of the recent manager between the Swiss company RIRI, leader since 1936 in the production of zippers, and Cobrax specialized in the manufacture of metal buttons.

The new organizational context of RIRI marked the start of an innovation process in the IT domain which aim was to  homogenize  workflows and data sharing among the group’s companies.


Challenges dealt with RuleDesigner

  • Manage and automate workflows related to customers’ inquiries for new articles, new customized zippers, non-compliance procedures.
  • Manage projects in different departments as the Technical Area (technical office, industrial engineering, Research and Development), ICT.
  • Use a single tool to manage customers of the two business unit dedicated to  zip and button production
  • Store and share documents globally
  • Management Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Project phases

Management and automation flows

By using RuleDesigner, it has been possible to map and automate the operating workflow, staring  from the customer service and involving the technical areas (industrial engineering, technical office, R&D) sales, quality departments and production. The customer service receives and manages customer’s inquiries referring to the opening of a new article or to the customization of an existing product (puller).

Effectively, through a dynamic and rule-based process, the customer service configures the inquiries by entering data in an assisted way. The system automatically generates the ticket and the document with product specifications in Excel format. In this step, teams from different departments are involved through the automatic scheduling of the project and of its proper development workflow including phases, tasks to carry out, offices involved, managers and resources allocated.

Each phase is taken on responsibilities of a team that, after receiving a notification start performing its tasks.

During the project phases, it is possible to interact with the Customer Service using chat tools integrated into the ticket, with full traceability of the past communications. Another important aspect is the ability to automate those phases appointed for the synchronization with Riri’s ERP on the AS400 platform (ex. New product number).

Once the project is completed, the Customer Service can consult all the information regarding decisions on feasibility and documentation generated directly into the ticket. It completes the offer and wait for the customer outcome. RIRI has achieved full traceability of data in one single informative dashboard, and a significant reduction in the project’s crossing times.
Moreover, incorporating the company know-how, the assisted configuration of inquiries simplifies the development of tasks and reduces errors. This facilitated way of working will allow to extend the use of the service also to the foreign branches located in New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

A unified Project Management system for the different group's department

RuleDesigner Project Manager can be used for different scope to serve the needs of different corporate departments. It allows to create an unlimited number of project types / templates with dynamic records, specific flows, mangers, checklists, resources and set of tasks scheduled. In more complex cases, it is possible to structure projects in hierarchical levels setting several sub-projects.

RIRI configured project types and templates to coordinate activities both in the technical (design office, industrial engineering, R&D) and in the ICT area. So far, more than 2500 projects have been managed through RuleDesigner.

One single tool for managing customers of the Italian business Units.

Today, through the use of RuleDesigner, the business unit located in Mendrisio and Padua are able to manage, track and consult data and relationships with customers with an integrated approach, sharing information on tasks, inquiring tickets, documents and job orders.

Within RuleDesigner platform, any information stored in heterogeneous IT systems has been federated and made available. From PDM data to customer records created in the ERP system – AS400 (Mendrisio) and Informix (Padua) – corporate information are now organized, aggregated and available in one single web system.

Business KPI

RuleDesigner portal, providing an integrated management of CRM, Help Desk and Job Orders, allows to obtain concise data for KPI analysis, by using configurable dashboards and statistics that can be exported to different formats such as Csv, pdf and html. Hereunder, some indicators used by RIRI:

Inquiries opened and closed by the Customer Service, Products ordered / Opened inquiries
Inquiries fulfilled on time/not on time, Inquiries crossing-times


Project peculiarities

A platform with global access for all the companies of the Group
Federative management of data generated and stored both in ERP, AS400 and Informix, and in PDM systems.
Configuration processes with dynamic input data and external knowledge base
Management and automation of inquiries workflows
Traceability of customers inquiries, activities, documents and projects
Projects and workflows automatically driven by the Configurator

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